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Open Letter to My Online Students

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Erica Duran

on 29 December 2013

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Transcript of Open Letter to My Online Students

Open Letter to Online Students
You are not simply another name on my attendance sheet. You are a valued voice that I, and your classmates, want to hear from.

You have insights into the world that I do not have, and I want to know them.

You know how to help yourself and you also know when to ask for help.

You may be the quiet person in the back row when you attend your face-to-face classes, but in online classes we are all equal and you use this opportunity to bloom.

You are respectful of yourself, of your classmates, of me, and of the topics we discuss - which leads us to even richer conversations.

You are both a student and a teacher.
I am not just a computer at the other end of the internet where your papers get dropped each week. I am a living breathing person who wrote those assignments, and eagerly reads each one. I am human.

I am a lifelong learner. I love asking questions. I'll ask you questions simply because I genuinely want to know your opinion and your insight.

I make mistakes. I mispell words and say awkward things in sentences that are read online and may not make sense if one cannot see my face. I TRY hard to be perfect, but am not. I appreciate people who try.

I enjoy conversation. Our discussion boards are not there simply to record attendance. They are there for us to engage each other and share - me, you, each other...

I respect you, I respect myself, and I respect the issues we talk about in this class.

I love teaching. I'll answer the same question 30 different ways if you really don't understand a concept and need me to clarify it for you. I am here to help you.
WE are collaborators in your success. You will learn something in every class you take and if the class works as a team, the team learns more. WE reach a collective goal.

WE are smart. WE already know a lot and are here to learn more.

WE support each other's learning in our words and actions.

WE take each other and ourselves seriously. WE value ourselves and each other.

WE are all here to learn and to teach.

WE have the free will to be here, or not, and WE choose to be here, be active, and be successful.
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