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Cedefop's skills analysis

No description

Alena Zukersteinova

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Cedefop's skills analysis

Area research and policy analysis
Skills analysis
Skills are key for Europe's competitiveness
Sectoral skills analysis
Skill needs in enterprises
Aim: developing and testing the instrument for an employer survey on skill needs (knowledge gap at EU level)
Skill mismatch
1/3 of EU enterprises cannot fill skilled jobs
1/5 of EU employees are over-qualified
affects vulnerable groups (e.g. females, migrants, youth)
Forecasting skill supply and demand
Cross-country comparable results for
EU 28 + CH + IS + NO + CCs up to 2025
Main outcomes:
Older but better qualified workforce
More skills intensive labour market
Medium qualifications will remain core to EU economy

Informing education and employment policy
Europe 2020: Agenda for new skills and jobs, Bruges Communique, (Youth) Employment package
responsive VET policies
improving employability
matching skills and jobs
Green skills
Example: Energy & employment targets scenario

anticipation system

Emissions and employment targets = 1

EU Skills Panorama
= a central access point to information, data and intelligence on skill needs in Europe
Skills increasing in importance - the view of employers
Source: Cedefop 2012 pilot survey on skill needs in Europe

As of 1 January 2014, Cedefop takes full responsibility for further development.
EU Skill Mismatch Survey
Skills have a major impact on people's life chances
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