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When....Not If

Advance Directives and POLST Intro

Larry Chan

on 9 June 2010

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Transcript of When....Not If

There are decisions
that everybody
should consider... ? like....
who knows you best

who can make a decision
about your medical care

in case you are unable to...
if there is ever a period of time
when you are not able to
make your medical decisions known

you can still make sure
your choices are made known
by someone that
you trust
and knows you
almost as well as yourself You want your family
loved ones and your healthcare team to know what medical care
you want
nothing more, nothing less There is an easy way
to let others know
what your decisions
should be if you
are not able to make
them for yourself maybe
a family member
or a friend
or your attorney
recognized anywhere in California
no attorney needed to complete Appoint someone of your choice to make medical decisions for you if you are unable
Give others guidelines of what kind of medical treatment you desire or decline
You can change your choices at any time

such as after an accident
or during a serious illness
there is a solution

its called
Advance Directives decisions about you no matter what age
whether single or not
whether with a family or not and to know who can make decisions for you Think about it today

Your decisions today

Will help you tomorrow

and your decisions now
will also help them later * (
For more information
please speak with your doctor
or call our
Health Education Department
(909) 609-3000 Don't Delay!
Sometimes it is a matter of
when you will need it...
not if you will need it Music Courtesy DanoSongs Fontana/Ontario Medical Centers
May 2010 Take home the
Advance Directives brochure
and look it over
Talk it over with others
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