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No description

Cassidy Carlson

on 21 October 2012

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Transcript of Conflict

People vs. People People vs. Machine People vs. machine People vs. supernatural People vs. nature In the small movie clip we watched, John Henry had to beat the steam train to the end of the trail in order to get the promise land. He did and beat the steam train (machine.) People vs. Nature "Do I really wanna be friends with her?" Girl vs. herself "Do I wanna live with my Dad....or my Mom?" boy vs. himself Yeehhhaww ! "this bull is trying
to flip me off his
back while i'm
trying to stay on." The three men are fighting. The shark is about to eat the man. People vs. People "I'm going to
teach him a
Don't mess with me". "I'm sinking in a mud slide!
Dumb nature." "Help! Zombies
are trying
to eat my brains." People vs Unknown "What's that
shadow in
the distance?" People vs. supernatural "This ghost is
following me!" People vs. unknown "Something took a bite of my apple". People vs. society People vs. society People are protesting
for what they believe in/
things they want. There was an act of terrorism
on September 11, 2001
when the planes hit the twin towers. THE END!! Conflict!
By: Marlo
Eric &
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