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Polymer and Monomer Concept Map

A concept map on polymers and monomers.

Josh Sondyman

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Polymer and Monomer Concept Map

By: Matt Brockish and Josh Sonderman What is a Polymer? Examples of Natural
Polymers Examples of Natural Monomers What is a Monomer? A polymer is a compound of molecules or monomers to form a chain Some examples include amber, natural
rubber, proteins, gelatin and starch. Polymers and Monomers Examples of Synthetic Polymers Proteins Natural
Rubber Amber Neoprene Nylon CD's A monomer is a single molecule that can form with other molecules to form polymers. Glucose
(a sugar) Amino Acids Every Day Usage
of Polymers Credit Cards, Non-stick Cookware,
Takeout Containers, Plastic Utensils and Plates, Plastic Bottles and Eyeglasses Synthetic Polymers
(Plastics, Rubber, etc.) Pros Cons Natural Polymers
(Rubber, Neoprene, etc.) Pros Cons Low cost
Easy to make
Lightweight Non-Biodegradable
Some can be toxic
CO Released when made
Harmful gases produced when burnt Biodegradable
Less CO given off
Conserves petroleum/oil in production Harder to work with (complex structure)
More expensive 2 What is a Molecule? A molecule is the smallest physical unit of a compound. 2 (Found in animals)
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