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Political parties and their policies on crime.

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Mia Anderson

on 29 February 2016

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Transcript of Political parties and their policies on crime.

Labour's approach to crime and justice
UK Labour:
"Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime"
Neighbourhood policing
Proposal to introduce a "victims law"
Focus on child sexual exploitation and violence against women and girls.
Plans to make prisons more rehabilitative.
Plans to prevent extremism by helping youth vulnerable to radicalisation and to make the law tougher on hate crime.

Scottish Labour:
Supporting front line police and firefighters
Greater Victim support
Knife crime

The green party and their approach to crime
UK Greens:
Recognise and wish to tackle the social causes of crime
Believe in "restorative justice"
Wish to reduce the threat of crime by tackling the geographical causes of crime

Scottish Greens:
Fairly coherent with the approach of the UK Greens in terms of crime
Prevention and restorative justice
Mediation and community payback
Prison only for serious offenders
Against the privatisation of prisons.
US: democrat approach to crime and justice
Believe the death penalty should not be arbitrary
DNA testing
Cracking down on gangs and drugs
Tough punishment for violent crime
Reintegration into community upon release
Push crime prevention
us: Republican approach to crime

Believe the Death Penalty is a necessary punishment for some crimes.
Government work with faith-based institutions to prevent crime.
Support mandatory minimum sentences for some crimes.
Oppose parole for dangerous or repeat felons.


Scottish national party's approach to crime and justice
In support of the European arrest warrant and want to co-operate with other countries on organised crime and terrorism.

Trying to tackle drug and alcohol addiction and the use of legal highs

Violence against women
Political parties and their policies on crime.
Obviously, the policies of the Republican party differ significantly depending on the candidate but here are some of the general policies of the republican party, with regards to crime:
Obviously the Democrat's policies differ significantly depending on the candidate, but here's an insight into their general approach to crime and justice:
The Conservative Party's approach to crime
UK Conservatives:
"Fighting crime and standing up for victims".
Punitive approach: advocate continuation of police reforms, tougher sentencing and a "reform" of the prison system (2015 manifesto).
Advocate scrapping the Human Rights Act and cutting ties between British and European Courts.
Want renewed focus on violence against women, particularly in the form of sex trafficking and FGM

Scottish Conservatives:
Support a review into Police Scotland and its accountability to government and communities
Advocate tougher community sentencing and stricter sentences regarding knife crime
ukip's approach to crime
Want to remove Britain from the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights and the European Arrest Warrant.
Oppose prisoner voting rights.
Follow a highly punitive approach involving harsher sentences, reduced parole rights and a crackdown on early releases.
Emphasis in party literature on an influx of foreign criminals and the growing need for Britain to deport them.
the liberal democrats' approach to crime
UK Lib Dems:
Take a more rehabilitative approach with prisons, advocating improved access to waged work programmes for prisoners.
Criticised Conservative prison policy as "knee-jerk and unsuccessful".
Critical of New Labour and the Tories' War on Drugs.

Scottish Lib Dems:
Support review of SNP police reforms.
Advocate scrapping jail terms of under a year.

Norway: the Right's approach to crime
The present coalition government of Høyre (Conservative Party) and Fremskrittspartiet (Progress Party) focuses on reduction of serious crime, strengthening crime prevention and improving the efficiency of the judicial chain (2015 Budget).
Høyre's party literature, despite an emphasis on the benefits of greater security from crime, consistently advocates a humane, restorative approach to justice based on the party philosophy of "equality and compassion for all".
Fremskrittspartiet advocates significant judicial and penal reform by Norwegian standards, including a more punitive penal system, harsher sentences, stricter laws and a move away from rehabilitation.
Norway: The left's approach to crime
Norske Arbeiderpartiet (Labour Party) government of 2005-13 continued the country's move to a rehabilitation-focused criminal justice system.
Halden prison was opened in 2010.
The Justice System faced intense scrutiny in 2011 following the Oslo terrorist attacks by Anders Behring Breivik.
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