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whale rider

No description

Alexandra Petruccelli

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of whale rider

WHALE RIDER QUIZ ! BY GEORGIA AND ALEX QUESTION 1 Who was the leader of the tribe before Pai? QUESTION 2 What is Pai’s father’s name? QUESTION 3 How old is Pai in the movie? QUESTION 4 Who was Pai’s closest friend? QUESTION 5 Even though Pai and Hemi were friends did they like each other? QUESTION 6 Why was Pai so passionate to show Koro that she could be the leader? QUESTION 7 Why didn't Koro have faith in Pai? QUESTION 8 Why did Nanny Flowers support Pai? QUESTION 9 Where did Pai grow up? QUESTION 10 Was Pai's second mother pregnant? QUESTION 11 Why did Pai's father leave her at birth? QUESTION 12 How did Koro know that Pai was meant to be the leader? QUESTION 13 Why was Pai crying at her concert? QUESTION 14 How was Pai loving towards her family? QUESTION 15 Why was Pai's name called Paikia? QUESTION 16 Even though Pai's grandfather Koro didn't accept her for who she was, she still stayed strong and believed in herself, what strength does this show? QUESTION 17 Who did Pai get her personality from? QUESTION 18 What was Pai's two most important strenghts that she shows throughout the movie? QUESTION 19 Is this statement true or false?
'When Hemi was upset did Pai hurt his feelings and make him feel bad'? QUESTION 20 How did Pai's uncle help Pai throughout the movie? THANKS FOR WATCHING :)
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