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No description

Katie Staines

on 28 September 2016

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Transcript of MY PITCH

The genre of my short film is a drama. This is because of the serious nature of the narrative and the message for the audience is very important.
There is only one main character in my short film which is the girl suffering from depression.
My A2 Media Studies Brief is:
A short film in its entirety, lasting approximately five minutes, which may be live action or animated or a combination of both, together with two of the following three options:
a poster for the film;
a radio trailer for the film;
a film magazine review page featuring the film
The narrative of my short film is about a girl suffering from depression however the audience is completely unaware of this.
By Katie Staines
I have decided to do a live action short film with the two ancillary tasks of the film poster and the magazine review.
Also, I want to include different scenarios of people asking her if she's okay in which she will reply with "I'm fine". This will be used in a soundscape where the non diegetic soundtrack of tense music will build up until the character does a slow motion breathing in and out and then putting on a fake smile.
The short film will end with a black screen with a message appearing saying "An estimated 121 million people around the world currently suffer from some form of depression. And you may not even know it.”
The narrative includes the girl waking up and getting ready for school. Whilst she is walking to school there will be a range of flashbacks from her laughing with her friends, to holding hands with her boyfriend and receiving a good mark on an exam.
It could also be considered as a raising awareness video as the message to they audience conveys that they should not judge a book by its cover because they never truly know what is happening to a person on the inside.
There are minor characters such as her group of friends and her boyfriend however they do not play a huge role in the short film.
The main protagonist would resemble much of Chloe Grace Moretz in the film "If I Stay" as she is a regular girl who faces a serious problem. Also, she is of the same age as the character in my film and so Moretz is an actor who inspired me for the role of this character.
The representation of my main protagonist is very important as I want her to be represented as very differently throughout the whole film until the very end when the audience find out she has depression. This makes it more of a shock for the audience which is my main intention.
First of all, I want her to be represented as a typical teenage girl who looks happy and joyful. This will be portrayed when she is laughing with her friends and smiling when she gets her good grade back.
At the end, the character draws in a deep breath and lets out a sigh. This represents her to be fed up, depressed and sad which is the true reflection of how she is feeling.
There are various amounts of locations for my short film.
The beginning is in the main character's bedroom and bathroom as she is getting ready for school.
The second is outside the school gates where the girl is walking in to school. This is where the slow motion deep breath happens.
Lastly, there are a few other places within the school where the girl is with her friends, boyfriend to add realism to the film.
Cinematography is key for any media product. These are the types of shots I want to include in my short film:
I want my establishing shot to be of nature and location shots which is a referential code. This gives the audience more information on where the film is set.
To follow this, I want a close up of an alarm clock which will end the calm location shots. This will be followed by the shots of her getting ready such as a mid shot of her brushing her hair, a close up of her washing her face and a high angle mid shot of the water running from the tap.
At the very end of my short film, I want a close up of the main protagonist taking in a deep breath and slowly releasing it. This is to have a stronger connection with the character and to establish a more powerful bond.
As part of my mise en scene, the costume will be important. I intend for the main protagonist to wear typical. modern clothes such as jeans, t-shirt and trainers. This will add more realism to my short film. This same will apply to the other characters.
For the lighting, I want my short film to be well lit as it's set during the day time. This gives a happier mood to the film which juxtaposes the actual message of the film.
I won't be using many props apart from the fair few that are necessary for my short film. These include the IPhone which will be used as the alarm clock and an exam paper that she will be given back.
For any media product, editing is very important. This helps the flow of the narrative and makes it easier for the audience to understand.
I want to include an ellipsis because this is an editing technique that is included in almost all of video media. This is along with match on action which makes the narrative more engaging for the audience.
When the teacher passes the main protagonist her exam paper, I want to include a shot reverse shot which is standard for diegetic dialogue.
I want to include the editing technique of a graphic match because I feel that this gives my short film the 'wow factor' therefore improving the professionalism of my media product.
I want sound to be the main part of my short film. This is another way I am going to add the 'wow factor'.
To begin with, I want non diegetic sound of soft, piano music to set the calm mood. This is disrupted with the diegetic sound effect of the alarm clock which will disrupt the calm mood.
I want the non diegetic music to continue through the rest of the short film however I want it to become more tense and louder to create more suspense for the audience.
During the flashbacks, there will be diegetic sound of the minor characters laughing and chatting which creates more realism.
I want there to be a soundscape of the music, the diegetic sound such as the laughing and the alarm to superimpose over each other to create a tense atmosphere for the character and the audience. This will then go completely silent and then have a slow motion breathing in and out which will be diegetic sound and the sound will be heightened to have more effect.
My target audience is for teenagers of both genders. This is so the audience can relate to the main protagonist and establish a relationship with them and therefore have a deeper connection with the short film.
As the message for this short film is about depression, it would be ideal for all kinds of people to watch it. People with depression can watch it and relate and people who don't may be educated by the film and therefore my aim would be acheived.
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