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The Paragraph

No description

Laura Power

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of The Paragraph

An Introduction to the Paragraph
* Develops one of your thesis statement details
* Illustrates your opinion of subject
What it is
After your introductory paragraph

Your introductory paragraph introduces your subject and leads up to your thesis statement

Your body paragraph begins to develop & detail your ideas
Where it goes
First, take five minutes to brainstorm the topic "jobs"
Let's Practice!
Then, write a three-part thesis statement--first in your notebook and then type it into the Canvas assignment module.
Topic Sentence
(main idea of paragraph)
Stress at work can be the result of pressure from deadlines, social situations, and unclear communication.
Major Detail: Pressure from Deadlines
Major Detail:
Social Situations at Work
Major Detail:
Unclear Communication
Minor Detail:
Employers might expect employees to read their minds
Minor Detail:
(Your turn!)
Minor Detail:
(Your turn!)
Minor Detail:
Pressure to meet deadlines can cause stress & anxiety
Minor Detail:
Deadlines aren't always known or clear
Minor Detail:
(Your turn!)
Minor Detail:
Can't pick coworkers
Minor Detail: Shared Office Space
Minor Detail:
(Your turn!)
* Trade with someone
* What have they done well?
* What tips would you give them?

Revise your own thesis statement
Make changes for clarity and detail

Any questions?
Let's Share!
How to layer details
The Body Paragraph
Think about the paragraph and the thesis statement
Bring in any questions you have
Have a safe Labor Day holiday!
For the weekend
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