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Origins of Judo

A in-depth description of Judo with additional information on Modern Judo, Local Tyneside Legends, The Principles and much more!

Kieren Saddler

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of Origins of Judo

And even more...
The Origins of Judo
There is many famous Judoka (Judo practitioner/s) all over the world, but here I look at the North-east of Northumberland. One of the living Legends is Sensei Jack Hearn, aged 88. He teaches at my own club, the Hokojun Judo Kai/Club. He started at the age of 17 and is still going. My Grandad was himself taught by him when he (Grandad) was about 18-19! He has been reported on by News Post Leader and Journal-alive to name a few. He has been given the title "Hanshi", the equivalent of a doctor of philosophy of judo.

His list of achievements are endless, literally! Here is
but a few:
1) In 1972 elected Chairman of the British Judo council
2)In 1984 was awarded the "Diplome Medal de Bronze"
3) In 1992 joined the Bushido Za-Zen International Judo
4) In 1995 was given life membership of the SEKI SHIN KAN
5) In 1991 was elected as Vice-chairman of Blyth Valley Sports Council
Local Tyneside Legends
Konnichiwa! (Hello!)
Judo, or "The Gentle way" is very well-known and is a prominent Olympic sport and means of self-defense. Many forms of Martial art/Defense have been developed. However, Judo mainly utilizes throwing techniques and hold-downs, otherwise known as groundwork. In this Prezi presentation I will take you through The origins, Local Tyneside legends, Principles and much, much more...

Arigatou gozaimasu (Thank you very much),
Kieren J Saddler (Currently 3rd Kyu)
In the 21st century, Judo has had a massive effect in many areas of Society. Indeed, Police forces across the globe teach their Officers Judo as a means of... You guessed it, self-defense! Modern Judo clubs are in many countries (In the UK there is over 350) and what they teach is invaluable. It keeps one fit, develops stamina/endurance (I know this as I do it myself, you definitely break a sweat :D), teaches mental attitudes that are very useful in later life.
Modern Judo
He is known as the forefather of Judo as it is known today. He is a legend which all Judogi look up to and are inspired by. That man is...Doctor Jigoro Kano Shihan.
Doctor Jigoro Kano Shihan
Here you will see a brief 30 video of some Judo techniques... Enjoy!
Born on October 28, 1860 to a family of wealthy sake
(rice wine) brewers. He was the youngest of five children and
grew up in Mikage, a village in the present-day city of Kobe.
At the age of twenty-one Dr.Kano graduated from Tokyo
Imperial University. A year later, he founded the Kodokan (located Tokyo), which translated means "Place of Learning the Way" , the most famous and the first ever Judo school. There is also a style of Judo called "Kodokan Judo". He is responsible for the I.E.F (International Judo Federation), the "Kobun Gakuena" a special school for Chinese students, Japan Athletic Association (JAA) and became the first person to head it and much more. A legend who will always be remembered...If you are as fascinated as I am about him as I am, I don't blame you.
The Principles of Judo are based around these 5 things:
“If there is effort, there is always accomplishment.” Jigoro Kano
"It may well be said that the primary objective of practising Judo is perfection of character." - H Seichiro Okazaki
"It is not important to be better than someone else, but to be better than yesterday." Doctor Jigoro Kano
“Five Principles of Judo:
1. Carefully observe oneself and one's situation, carefully observe others,
and carefully observe one's environment
2. Seize the initiative in whatever you undertake
3. Consider fully, act decisively
4. Know when to stop
5. Keep to the middle. “ Doctor Jigoro Kano

Judo's foundations are all about Health, not just in the Body, but in the mind and spirit. It teaches respect, good-sportsmanship, patience, stamina, resilience, and when you make progress, you know about it...All great things to take into today's world. It develops the mind and body to enable them to work in perfect harmony. This is all summed up in "Jika no kansei", or to strive for perfection as a whole person".
All modern fighting arts can be traced
back to the methods of self defense
used by samurai warrior when they were
either disabled on the battlefield or
were attacked without a weapon at hand.

It could be said that ju-jitsu was the prototype version of Judo. It is true that all Doctor Jigoro Kano did was take existing ju-jitsu techniques and refined them, like metal in a furnace, weak at first but when refined is deadly effective.
A gem cannot be polished without friction,
nor man perfected without trials.
.....Chinese proverb
Thank you for your time, I hope you enjoyed and learned something from this Prezi. As a Judogi (or Judoka), I myself have learned loads about Judo, or Kodokan Judo as it's proper name, during the course of this project. I thank you for your time, and, in the words of Doctor Jigoro Kano Shihan...
Origins (Continued)
Opinions differ on the origins of Judo and jujitsu respectively. I will tell you of the 2 of the likely cases...

One traces it to Chin Gempin, a Chinese man. While sojourning at the Kokushoji temple at Azabu, Tokyo (at the time called Yedo), he, it is stated, taught three tricks of jujitsu to three ronin (masterless samurai)
Azabu is an area within Minato in Tokyo
The second tells of Shirobei Akiyama a pioneer of jujitsu
. That theory is maintained by one of the Shinyo
Schools in Minato, Tokyo (see map right).

While both of these are viable, it is beyond doubt that
the bringing of foreign, new fighting methods into
Japan eventually formed the base of not just Judo and ju-jitsu, but Karate and many other forms that I cannot fit onto this presentation. Without those pioneers/preservers of that invaluable knowledge, the Martial arts that hundreds-of-thousands of people enjoy many have never been...
Here is a roughly 1:45 minute long video about Doctor Jigoro Kano 10th Dan. Enjoy it!
Here is some beautiful Japanese music to finish off with. Let your mind wander... Take the time and sit and think about what life is... Why you and I are here and what good we can all do for the world... "Doumo arigatou gozaimasu" (Thank you)

Good luck,
Kieren James Saddler
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