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What is Design Thinking?

No description

Punahou DT club

on 13 March 2015

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Transcript of What is Design Thinking?

What is Design Thinking?
EMPATHY (flare)
Empathy is putting yourself in your another person's shoes--human centered design.
DEFINE (focus)
Find key insights from information collected in the empathy phase.
IDEATE (flare)
Come up with as many ideas as possible! Wild ideas encouraged.
User centered design process.
Prototype, test, repeat.
5 Steps
-Collect stories
-See through the eyes of your users
-Ask open-ended questions!
-Think like a child
-Quantity over quality
-Yes, and...
Take your ideas from in here to out there!
Build to think
Rapid prototyping, quantity over quality
Hi! We're the Design Thinking Club!

-Be open to user response
-Ask questions rather than explain or defend

Punahou's greatest

Contact Information
Maya Hiraki mhiraki16@punahou.edu
Arthur Johnston ajohnston16@punahou.edu
May Niiya mniiya16@punahou.edu
Emily Nishimura enishimura16@punahou.edu
Ryne Sato rsato16@punahou.edu


Thank you for participating!
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