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Animal Humane Overview

No description

Animal Humane

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Animal Humane Overview

We take our reputation very seriously. 2012
Recipient America's largest independent charity evaluator
awarded us their top rating for
financial health, accountability & transparency Founded in 1965, Animal Humane is our state's oldest and largest
Animal Welfare Organization. We have 85 employees (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Circle of Care (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr We are an open admission animal shelter that serves 5,000+ dogs & cats annually. (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Our annual operating budget is We are a private 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that receives no city, state or federal funding. 100% of our funds come from private donations and revenue we generate. (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr We have 426 dedicated volunteers Read all about our history on our facebook timeline That equates to 22 additional full-time employees! Did you know? We are not affiliated with the City of Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr
Save Rate (Live Release Rate)
2011: 90%
2012: 91% (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr We qualify as "no kill" but we don't use that terminology.
Here's why: (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr The term is misleading.

A no kill shelter is defined as one that saves 90-97% of all animals that enter it's care. Weaknesses 3 full-time employees
1 part-time employee
3 student interns
In-house graphic artist Marketing Team We have adopted 100% of healthy pets in our care for 31 months and counting! Adoptions Promotions Advertising Print Radio We have a featured adoptable pet once weekly on KRQE Channel 13's noon newscast and receive
media news coverage once weekly on average. We have weekly "pet of the week" features on many local radio stations:
93.3 KOBFM
92.3 KRST
106.7 OMG
97.3 KKSS FM
104.1 The Edge
94 Rock
99.5 Magic FM
102.5 KIOT We regularly place ads in a variety of local print publications and also have pro bono ad placements.
Most frequently:

Albuquerque the Magazine
Local iQ
Albuquerque Journal TV Web We are recipients of a nonprofit grant from Google, awarding us $10,000 worth of AdWords advertising monthly.

We also:
receive pro bono web ad placement from partners
have performed SEO
regularly monitor Google Analytics to assess & improve website content Social Media Facebook Flickr Total views of all videos: 41,966

Our goal is to have a brief video for every pet available for adoption! We upload photos to Flickr from our events, and also include free wallpapers of adoptable pets for download. We have 5,480+ fans
The majority of our fans are females aged 25-34
We use our facebook page to engage our community. Often we ask our fans to share adoptable pets like Wrigley. Youtube Twitter 1,382 followers
We tweet a few times a week, most often with locations of our Mobile Adoption Team Visual Media We create videos of long-term residents.

Our goal is to have a brief video for every pet available for adoption! Videos Photos We have a volunteer-staffed photography team that captures incredible images of every pet in our care. Fun Fact:
We never use stock images. Every image you see features a pet that was in our care. Website Website statistics:
7/20/12-8/19/12 AnimalHumaneNM.org Guerilla/Outreach Flyers Cats Around Town Our Mobile Adoption team hits the streets with adoptable pets 2-3 times weekly.
increases our exposure and community awareness
places our adoptable pets in front of someone who otherwise may not have come in seeking a pet. Started in 2009, Cats Around Town (CAT) is an innovative adoption program that places adoptable felines in local pet-loving retail stores. We recently celebrated our 500th adult cat adoption through this program, and in 2011 is accounted more than 20% of all of our adult cat adoptions! We have a team of volunteers that distribute flyers of our adoptable pets to local businesses.

We are definitely looking to increase the number of participating businesses. Mobile Adoptions Community Partnerships We partner with many local businesses to help promote our organization, raise funds and increase our brand awareness. Positioning Our advertising and promotional efforts for other Animal Humane programs help increase our brand saturation and position us as the premier pet adoption organization in our state. Online Adoptable Pet Interface Outdated
Difficult to navigate Word-of-Mouth One of our most powerful tools is inspiring our community & patrons to recommend us to their social circles. Survey:
Potential Cat Adopters
123 responses "Traditional marketing — including advertising, public relations, branding and corporate communications — is dead.... but the new possibilities of peer influence-based, community-oriented marketing, hold much greater promise for creating sustained growth through authentic customer relationships."

-Harvard Business Review Blog, 8/9/12

Read the whole post here: http://bit.ly/MDRDXF We use QR codes. Yes! How? Excellent customer service
Follow-up, establish an ongoing relationship with our customers
Make it easy for them to spread the word. Look! Check out the bottom of the front cover of your folder. Threats Challenges Who is our
competition? Everyday people
Other shelters/rescues #1 way people acquire
pets is through a friend. Purebred illusion We are a visual culture, so many want
to choose pet based on looks, or breed. Like choosing a mate, that is not always the way to go. Breed type doesn't determine behavior. Dogs, like people are individuals. The better way to find a dog is based on his personality. People often think that shelters don't have any purebred pets. Not the case, Animal Humane frequently received purebred dogs and cats! While we are all working toward the common
goal of ending pet homelessness, the hard fact is
that other shelters and rescue groups are competition for our organization. A home for every pet! Public Misperception
& lack of education Stigma surrounding animal shelters
Prejudice toward certain animals and breeds
Lack of knowledge of how to properly train & care for pets Working to
update and improve our
online pet profiles Collaborate with
other shelters! #1 way people acquire
pets is through a friend. Educate the public Change minds
505 Pit Crew
Free Behavior Helpline
Aftercare services
Training Classes
Pet owner resources, seminars & workshops Strengths Ideas Opportunities YOU! #1 way people acquire
pets is through a friend. Foster2Home Innovative new program places pets in semi-permanent foster homes. Foster parent is responsible for promoting pet and finding home. Increases promotion network while freeing up shelter space. Be the best pet you can be! MYM
Behavior Modification
We know every single pet...really well. We have the highest adoption rate in New Mexico! $4.6 M Adoptions Data Support Programs Foster Project Fetch Project Fetch is a means of reaching out to other shelters within the state to help them with their overpopulation problem Foster Care Program
Foster2Home Train Humane Locations Main Campus Cats Around Town Our Mobile Adoption team hits the streets with adoptable pets 2-3 times weekly.

6% of total Adoptions in 2012. 14 local business partners house & adopt adult cats.

5% of total Adoptions in 2012. Located at
615 Virginia St SE

This is our "hub."

60% of total Adoptions
for 2012 Mobile Unit NE Heights Located at
9132 Montgomery

Offer adoptions, pet supplies & training.

16% of total Adoptions in 2012 Westside Located at
10700 Corrales Rd

Offer adoptions & training classes

9% of total Adoptions for 2012 Our Main Campus is about to undergo a $5M
renovation! Learn more at projecthumane.org! Puppy Preschool
Civilized Canine
Pups in the Park
505 Pit Crew So far in 2012,
623 animals
have already been transferred in! Behavior SAFER
Behavior Modification Stats & Data Learn more about how we achieved our save rate in our Humane Equation at
AnimalHumaneNM.org Possible Causes/Theories
City of Albuquerque Adoptions up 15% in 2012
New renovated facility
Increased Marketing
Have run fewer radio/print ads than 2011
Owner surrenders are up over 2011. OS go up, Adoptions go down
Rental Agreements Why are Adoptions down? new homeowners Thank you! Questions & Discussion
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