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Adding a Real Estate Major to ISOM

No description

Ian Shaw

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of Adding a Real Estate Major to ISOM

Adding a
Real Estate
Major to ISOM

Ian Shaw, Brian Kerrigan, Kevin Powers, Max Kamin
Where the new major
is housed
The will be housed in
the Isenberg school, more specifically the new
addition that is anticipated to be completed
in the next decade. Brian Kerrigan
Adding a will help Isenberg align itself with other top public business schools in the country.
Courses offered by Wisconsin Program
The Real Estate Process
Real Estate Law
Real Estate finance
Valuation of Real Estate
Urban and Regional Economics
Residential Property Development
International Real Estate
Housing Economics
$20 million

Benefits to Isenberg
Co$t of Adding a Real E$tate Program
Top Public School with Real Estate Majors
University of Wisconsin
University of Michigan
University of Texas
University of Connecticut
University of Georgia
University of Florida
Georgia State University

New Faculty
Why Isenberg?
View of

addition to

Where The Major will be housed
The Real Estate Management Major
-Business related major
-Main point of addition was so all Isenberg majors would be under the same roof.
-Can utilize some of older classrooms and newer ones.
-Would benefit students from being able to learn in Isenberg, rather than outside of it for a few years like the HTM major has been before.
New Real Estate Major
Real Estate Major
Can be easily fit into the new addition of Isenberg, Wouldn't require a lot of room, all that would be needed are classrooms for students and offices for professors. Brian Kerrigan
addition was meant to have all business majors under one roof
Isenberg students, keeping them under one roof,
Increases rankings and keeps us in line with other
top business programs. Brian Kerrigan

How Much Will the Isenberg Addition Cost

Where it will be Housed
Align Isenberg with top Business Schools
In summation
Ian Shaw
Ian Shaw
Ian Shaw
Ian Shaw
Kevin Powers
Kevin Powers
Kevin Powers
Kevin Powers
Brian Kerrigan
Max Kamin
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