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Project Mosler

No description

Jonas Hagberg

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of Project Mosler

Swedish Legislation
Personal Data Act

All kinds of information that is directly or indirectly referable to a natural person who is alive constitute personal data."
Complete Sequence
Complete Genome sequence of an individual is personal data.

Even if it is pseudonymized
The sequence in itself might be enough as means to identify the individual
Considered sensitive since it Relates to Health

Consent is needed
Ethical approval by ethical review board

Mosler prototype system for sensitive personal data

Based on TSD 2.0(
Minimize risks
Right security level with policy's
ISO 27000-series
Goal to comply with DI

Virtual private compute cluster
Two step file Import/Export
Graphical Desktop
2-factor single sign-on
Support for some project customization
Goal ->
user friendly Secure system
PI only allowed to export
No Internet in projects
Strong separation between projects
Encrypted backup
Hardware is physically separated in locked racks
(see “Identifying Personal Genomes by Surname Inference” by Gymrek et al)
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