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Broadway Musicals

A history/timeline of the Broadway musical

Ruth Garcia

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Broadway Musicals

The American Musical Musical Theater Project Musical Theater Timeline Contributing Elements rubric Questions Group Job Descriptions Visuals Oral Presentation Challenge: Students may choose one (1) musical from the list below to research, watch, and present for the class.

CHOOSE YOUR GROUP AT THIS TIME. WRITE YOUR NAMES ON EACH OTHER’S PAPER Manager (makes sure others are on task, have what they need, and is the ONLY one allowed to ask the teacher questions, helps out wherever he/she is needed by other team members)
Visuals/artwork (may be more than one person): Responsible for the presentation artwork.
Public Relations: Will give and/or coordinate the oral presentation portion of the project. PR person needs to make sure the group can answer all potential questions during the presentation, both from the teacher and other students.
Research: THIS IS EVERYONE’S JOB. You may divide up the information, but please know that all of you are responsible for the final product.

1. Who wrote this musical?
2.What year did the musical premier?

3. What is the main plot? (Please write in your own words).

4. Who are the main characters?
5.Name three songs from the musical.

6.Would your group recommend this musical to other people? Why or why not? Give three reasons to support your answer. Use complete sentences.
Do a mock interview with either the composer or one of the main characters, where one group member is the reporter and several other members are the characters or composer(s).
B.Present a commercial for the musical.
C.Present a mock news story about the musical.
D.Write a rap/song to present your information about the composer and plot of the musical.
A.Create a poster-sized backdrop design for one of the scenes in your musical that depicts the setting and mood of the show. (Example: the Witch’s castle in The Wizard of Oz).
B.Design a poster for the show. The poster must include artwork, the name of the play, main actors (name the actors from the film version or the original Broadway cast), composer(s), and year of production.
C.Design a playbill (program) for the musical you have chosen. The front cover should have the title of the musical, artwork, composers, and performance date. The inside pages should list the songs in order of performance, cast, and a brief synopsis of the plot.
D.Create five (5) costume design sketches for the musical. Make sure to label each design according to the characters. You may draw them free-hand or use cut-outs from magazines and newspapers.
Vaudeville Theater

Minstrel Shows Began post-Civil War as racist and stereotyping form of entertainment
White performers singing, dancing, and presenting skits to make fun of African American people and their culture Jazz Scott Joplin
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