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Customer Service project proposal

No description

Ayesha Trott

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Customer Service project proposal

Presented by Ayesha Trott Deliver "WOW" through Customer service Question? Company Background What can be done to increase sales through improving customer service?
What can be introduced to push the service to be more outstanding and efficient compared to the companies rivalries ? Research Objectives To analyze current customer service performance in all London branches to record for project reflection, by 1st December 2012

To carry out in-store observations evaluating the different approaches to customer service at five other rival locations to create a service benchmark, by 1st December 2012

To research the current company budget on electronic devices, and calculate how to minimize costs, by 1st December 2012

To evaluate the current customer service guide on new staff in one branch to assess the possible strengths and weaknesses of the guide, by 1st December 2012

To gain detailed feedback by manager and alter any necessary changes, by 1st December 2012 Methodology Primary research:

Using observations to record current customer service performance

One to one interviews with management and staff to obtain feedback

Secondary research:

Online desk research via the internet
Inditex magazine,
Articles and journals Proposal Aim Inditex is a large Spanish corporation and the world's largest fashion group. Inditex consists of 8 sales formats to reach out to a wide range of consumers:
Pull and Bear
Massimo Dutti
And many more.. Bershka is a the young, urban collection created in April 1998 To advance the companies customer service through a detailed staff training guide filled with support skills and knowledge to motivate staff. References: Inditex timeline, available on:
[accessed on 16/10/2012] Fashion concept aimed at the young market Introduce the new pilot scheme of the 'IMS transceiver'.
A modernistic invention is designed to merge both 'walkie talkies' and 'stock inventory systems' to make customer service fast pace and effective
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