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Jaci Howard

on 3 October 2016

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Transcript of Teddy

The Duties of a Servant

By Teddy

What does servant do for the person he or she is working for.
A servant has to clean and clean until he or she has cleaned everything and if something is not clean he or she will have to clean it.
Who a servant would work for.
A servant would work for a Noble person. And also if a servant was a man it would work for a male noble. If a female was a servant she would work for a female.

What a servant could Do?
A servant could marry and have a child. And a servant can own land and can have many jobs I will tell you about some of there jobs.
A servant might walk a lot of miles to get a bucket of water for the noble or person that he or she is working for.
A servant will have to help make the pyramid's that a pharaoh has told a lot servant 's to make.
A servant's jobs
A servant can be a farmer. A servant can be a priest, an artist, and a soldier. A servant can also be a merchant.


Ancient Egypt gods for kids primary
home work helpprimaryhomeworkhelp.co.uk/egypt/gods.htm
Artisans were craftsmen that
were highly skilled and
traded their work to people
that would give them trade back.Artisans were told to be highly superior to common to labors.Artisans could have gotten gold, linen, grain, and artifacts in return from the person who traded them for one of their things.


Some Artisan Jobs
Some jobs that an artisan can have
are they can be carpenters, metal workers,
jewelers, painters, sculptors, potters, stone carvers,
and weavers.

Did you know that when the
artisans were done with making the pharaoh's
pyramid art they would kill the artisan.
Tools Of An

Some tools that an artisan in
ancient Egyptian times would
use metal chisels. Also, they would
big rocks as hammers.They would use Copper saws, stone drills,and drill bits.
Duties of a Scribe

To write Hieroglyphics on
wood ,pottery, and stone. Also, some were
in charge of recording history and important
events. They would describe every day life,
keeping track of the food supply. Don't
forget that Scribes had to document rainfall
and water levels of the Nile.
the Egyptians used this way
of writing. Also, it told us some
facts about the writing. some
facts are did you know that
there are about 700 Hieroglyphic in the Egyptian
language. Also, another
fact is that some Hieroglyphics have more than one meaning like the Snake can mean F or V.
There were two other writing systems they were called Hieratic writing witch a Scribe could could write down in a hurry.

About Language.

This page was about
the ancient writing Hieroglyphs and how

Duties of a

Most of the time a soldier would
continue with its life as a farmer
or peasant until somebody said
protect the king get ready for battle.

Tools of an Solder

The Egyptians had a lot of weapons.
They used the following to kill: spears,

maces, daggers, and bows and arrows.

What the main idea of life of
a soldier is mostly about what the soldiers
in Egypt did and it also told us about the ranks and the officers that commanded the army. Also what groups that the Egyptians formed there army into platoons of 10 men and have
divisions of up to 5,000 men. Also this told us what armor that the Egyptians used .
Duites of a Vizier

A vizier's job was to be in charge of
the building of the pyramids and statues of the pharaoh. Also, when the pharaoh died, without a child to take the throne, the vizier would become the next pharaoh if the Queen also died. The vizier would supervise the running of the country.

. Who would clame the throne after the pharaoh died without a child ?

A Vizier
What was the Vizier in charge of ?
2 A the building of the pharaohs pyramids
and statues
True of false can a vizier be a member of the pharaoh's
family ?
3 True
4 Can the Vizier become a pharaoh?
4 yes
5 Was the Vizier in charge of the security
of the pharaoh?
6 Could the vizier execute peasants ?
6 yes
7 Was the Vizier in charge of running
the country?
7 yes
8 Was the Vizier a prime minister?
8 yes
. The Pyramids of Giza are the tallest
limestone structure in the world they
stand 481 feet tall.

. The Great Pyramids of Giza have lost 30 feet over the
years and stand 451 feet tall.

.They think that it took 20,000 workers in the construction of the of the great pyramids and over 10-20 years.

. The construction of the pharaoh's tomb began when he took throne .

.The top columns of some Egyptian temples are carved to look like palm trees or papyrus reeds.

The main Idea of the Government and Leaders page is to tell us about
the duties of the Pharaoh and the Government in Egypt and how the Pharaoh ran the country. Also, it told us about the high ranking officers that the Pharaoh relied on to help run the country like the Viziers that would help the tax collection and many other things.

Ramses ii
Ramses ii had campaigns with Nubia ,Libya and sighed a peace treaty with the Hittites. Also, he
lived to be 66 years old and he is one of the oldest Pharaohs in Egypt. He won many battles including the battle of the Sherden sea pirates. He born in 1303 B.C and died in 1213 B.C . Did you know that Ramses ii was a archer before he became a pharaoh of Egypt.
Cleopatra was the last Pharaoh
of Egypt before th e

What this disease does is it attacks
the brain cells and weakens the memory. Also the disease wears down the cells causing them to slow down the memory process. This disease also eats away at the proteins in the cells.

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