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About me:

No description

kaylee overby

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of About me:


Highlights of first semester in my life
My most recent highlight was beach freeze retreat. Also, going to the mall and just being with my friends and meeting new people at my new job. Lastly, going to California Christmas break.
About me:
I love to horseback ride
I love my
and youth group
I love photography
Music is everything
I love quotes

Highlights in English
One of my favorite things this year in English was group discussions. I also enjoyed reading the short stories and learning about culture/subcultures.
PLans for after highschool
I really want to go to school to get a business degree and a degree in fashion. I want to open my own store and get a degree in cosmetology. I would also love to be a missionary in Panama.
Dislikes about English
Non-fictional writing
Writing prompts
Non-fiction reading
LIkes about English
Creativity and choice
Opinionated essays
Narrative stories
Reading and reflecting
Group discussions

Favorite subjects
I love math and photography.
I like how Math has an absolute answer for every problem. I love how Photography takes a happy or sad moment and turns it into a memory you can always look back on.
Favorite embedded assessment
Where I'm from Poem
Easy way to express who I am and where I believe I come from, who I want to be.
Areas of improvement in English
I can improve on my organization and my commentary with argumentative assessments. I can also improve on my concession and refutation.
Areas of improvement in other areas of my life
Make new friends. Strengthen old friendships, and get fit for the new year. Eat healthier and be more organized in all areas of my life.
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