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Elizabeth Harris

on 21 November 2015

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Transcript of MUSHROOMS

step 1: Compost-wheat straw, water, chicken manure and gypsum.

Step 1 & 2
Step 3: Compost mixed with mushroom spawn and put into wooden growing trays.
Step 3 & 4
step 5: The first flush of mushrooms appear. Once mushrooms come through they double in size every 24 hours to subsequent flushes are picked of the one crop.
Step 5 & 6
After havesting trays are sterilised with steam. The spent compost is then taken away from garden mulch and compost.
Step 7
step 2: Peak heat room for pasteurisation (to kill any harmful organisims) and conditioning ( to convert carbohydrate (nutrition) and ammonia into protien.)
Step 4: Trays are cased with a layer of peat and taken to the growing room to await the first crop.
MUSHROOMS Farm to Plate
By Estella Gastaldon

step 6: Each mushroom is hand picked weighed then chilled in cooler units untill dispatch.
types of mushrooms
Chanterelles- America ( origen)
Cremini- Italian (origen)
morels- U.S (origen)
portobello- Italian (origen)
Enoki- Chinese (origen)
shiitake- Japenese (origen)
Oyster- Australia (origen)
Button- Australia (origen)
porcini- Italian (origen)
Hen of the woods Japenese (origen)
what they contain
100g of raw mushrooms contain
Energy- 98kj
Protein- 6g
Fat- 0.3g
Dietary fibre- 2.5g
Thiamin- 0.03mg (27% RDI)
Riboflauin- 0.41mg (24% RDI)
Niacin- 4.1mg (41% RDI)
Folate- 44mg (22% RDI)
sodium- 7mg
potassium- 305mg
calcium 2mg
Iron 0.2mg
Zinc 0.2mg
magnesium- 9mg
Industries pick the mushrooms by hand
so they can see what's ready or not. Mest industries use trays stacked on top of each other
(A) for no light and moist air
(B) eayser to pick
Mushrooms need damp dark places to grow other wise the spore will die.
One serve of mushrooms (100g) provides: Over 20% of the daily needs of
Mushrooms are made up of around 90% water.

A single portobello mushroom can contain more potassium than a banana.
The fungus is over 2,400 years old and covers an estimated 2.200 acers (8.9km2)
There are over 30 species of mushroom that actually glow in the dark. The chemical reaction called bioluminescence produces a glowing light known as foxfire.
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