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21st Century Learner/Flexible Scheduling

How does a flexible schedule fit into 21st century skills?

Ronda Deabler

on 14 August 2010

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Transcript of 21st Century Learner/Flexible Scheduling

Flexible Scheduling 21st Century Skills Inquiry Web 2.0 Tools http://weblist.me/Web-20-tools http://www.schoollibrarymonthly.com/articles/Berger2010-v26n5p14.html Library Media Center What are we doing? http://www.ala.org/ala/mgrps/divs/aasl/guidelinesandstandards/learningstandards/standards.cfm District Resources We are going to combine . . . and mix it up with a little . . . How does flexible scheduling work??? What are we doing?? The orange boxes represent the areas where we will be piecing in a flexible schedule. Laura Norris, the Media Para, will be teaching (as needed) during the 2nd & 3rd grade rotation times. This will free up these times along with the additional plan times so we can work on collaborative projects. There are many district resources that can be integrated into curriculum objectives. Together we can make those connections. Additional Information Additional Information After completing this prezi, please post your thoughts on the wall at: http://www.wallwisher.com/wall/belmedia

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