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Are Animals Good Sports?

No description

Carrie Ijichi

on 5 November 2015

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Transcript of Are Animals Good Sports?

Are Animals Good Sports?
Animal Trafe & Welfare
Appraise the impact of the marketplace on the welfare of trade animals
Learning Outcomes
Animals in sport
Facts & figures
Assess the influence of welfare organisations and government bodies on the welfare of trade animals
1. an activity involving
physical exertion and skill
in which an individual or team
against another or others for
a person who
behaves in a good or specified way
in response to
teasing, defeat, or a similarly trying situation
"go on, be a sport!"
Let's look at the following examples of animals in sport and answer the following questions:
Who is expending physical exertion & showing skill?
What is the source of competition?
What is the entertainment factor?
Who is behaving in a good or specified way in response to defeat or a trying defeat?
Where might a monetary transaction be integrated?
Who can regulate the activity?
How might competition & commercial interests impact the welfare of participants?
British Horse Racing 2013
£276m+ tax contribution
£3.45 bn direct & indirect expenditure
13716 horses in training
4366 foals born
£386m revenue (more than football or rugby)
18500 people employed
0.2% of runners fatally fall
(British Horseracing Authority, 2013)
Greyhound Racing
Surplus of 13478 greyhounds in England & Wales (APGAW, 2008)
Some of these were sold for research - usually killed and dissected at Liverpool University & RVC
Figures on injuries & deaths are not released
6th largest spectator sport in USA even though it's only legal in 18 states
Peaked in 1992 - 3.5 million spectators in 16,827 races
$100 million government revenue
$3.3 billion industry (2013)
Employs 10,000 people
Peaked in late 1990s
Andalucia - number of fights dropped 32% in 2007
Since 2007 50% drop in registered fights expected
Matadors are paid $100,000 per fight x 30-40 per year
June 2015 - Bull fighting removed from France's cultural heritage list
Equine Industry
Equestrian Industry has £4.3 billion revenue per annum (not all competative)
Estimated GB horse population - 944,000
Direct expenditure - £2.8 billion per annum
Indirect - additional £557 million per annum
8.9 million viewer for 2013 Grand National
BHS has 89,000 members
446,000 horse owning households
Issues Specific to Equine Industry
Commercial Implications
Tenesse Walking Horse National Celebration lost Regions Bank, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Quaker Oats, Doritos & Lays Potato Chips
Dressage rider Andreas Helgstrand lost his main sponsor after being filmed warming up a horse using unethical practices
2015 - FEI cancelled two endurance events in United Arab Emirates due to welfare concerns
Further reading
McLean & Jones (2010) Ethical Equitation: Capping the price horses pay for human glory
Jones & McGreevy (2010) Ethical Equitation: Applying a cost-benefit approach
Linzey (2013) The Global Guide to Animal Protection
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