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Garrett and Jessica<3

Our time together(: Happy Birthday

Jessica Smith

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Garrett and Jessica<3

You deserve the best in life. Happy Birthday<3 Brother Nephew Boyfriend<3 Son It all started with Facebook.
This is where we met. \ We go to the same school We were officially a couple Then we
dating We watched
not one Not two But three episodes Before you knew it I was 17 and it was Christmas You got me a necklace
and bracelet Happy New Years I came over later that
week and got a new
blanket You like to shave your head You wear amazing sunglasses We went to our first dance as a couple We first went to Chili's Valentine's Day you got
me some carnations A teddy bear
with a flower I got you chocolate milk Two dozen chocolate chip cookies and gummy worms The teddy bear
was the best gift ever You wanted
to see who could eat more We went to see the
Wyrd Sisters one of our dates at your house we had checkers and dairy queen We watched Swamp People For awhile We have been to a
few Manatee games There we saw this
good-looking mascot We smilied We looked stupid We were sad We were asian We were having fun Track You ran You won You were the only white guy That I love You had your days of being different But you had family there to support you You care for others You listen to others You play with others You watch over others You act sexy Sunscreen needs to be your friend You do the unthinkable Like go bald You are proud of it You both are proud of it But in reality Bald is not beautiful Someone looks tired Someone looks like a thug Someone looks lazy Someone looks hungry Someone looks like they loss Someone looks likes a girl And proud to be one with their nails painted Picture after picture after picture Your "family" picture You act like a little kid on a slip n slide Cinco de Mayo Superman Early morning fishing to relaxation at the beach you get wet you don't need a shirt and get more wet You always text me You can be
in action movies You can sure dress up You still look adorable wherever you are except like that even 48 hours without sleep or a brownie box as a face everyone loves you and your presence Oh god why this hat you are my batman Friends and Family And I love you Its the Florida life A child's life An athlete's life To play To enjoy To be a little kid To drink slurpees To take a picture of our tongues To go bald again... to make weird faces To love soccer Senior year Just us two Let's make it through it Together With some laughs Sometimes you are a warrior You are always there for me You are creative Don't become a singer We saw the
MGM building We traveled around We saw elephants Ostriches Giraffes And more animals We were at the Daytona 500 Lions And NASA Some unique animals You look cute sleeping Sweet dreams Welcome to Legoland You met a new friend We fight whether
its a can or a jar Preparing pizza We put together a pizza You ate the sauce You spend time with friends We got everything ready You don't like pictures You are weird You wake up and run Clue #7: Now that you have finished
the slide show, go change out of those
clothes to clothes you don't care that gets
messy. Go outside and get your next clue.
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