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Harry Potter's Hero's Journey

No description

David Walley

on 28 September 2015

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Transcript of Harry Potter's Hero's Journey

Harry Potter's Hero's Journey
By David Walley
The Ordinary World
In the ordinary world Harry,
the hero
, is living with his Aunt and Uncle, and doesn't even know magic exists.
Call to Adventure
Harry is called to adventure when Hagrid,
the Herald
, shows up, and tells Harry that he is a wizard, and must come to Hogwarts.
Refusal of the Call
Road Of Trials
On the road of trials Harry meets many challenges such as:
Learning magic
The mirror of Erised
venturing into the Dark Forest
Passing the tests to reach the Sorcerer's stone. Ex. Wizard's chess
Ultimate Boon
After Harry defearts Voldemort, he is reunited with his friends, and for there bravery they win the House Cup
Return Home
Harry goes back to the muggle world and his adventure is complete.
Threshold Into the Unkown
Belly of the Whale
Supreme Ordeal
Master of Two Worlds
At first Harry doesn't believe Hagrid, and tells him there is no way he's a wizard.
The Threshold Guardian
, takes Harry to Diagon Alley. Where Harry gets his first taste of the magical world. Harry then boards the train to Hogwarts, and makes his first friend Ron Weasley,
The Trickster
Quirrel ,
The Shapeshifter
, reveals Voldemort,
The Shadow,
is living as part of him. Harry then, must face his fears, and destroy the man who killed his parents.
Harry gets the stone from the Mirror of Eristed, and then defeats Voldemort by burning him with his hands.
After defeating Voldemort, Harry talks to Dumbledore,
The Mentor
, about what happened. Harry is now a more confident wizard
Harry gets on the train to go home comfortable in the wizarding world, and the muggle world.
The Hero- Harry Potter
The Mentor- Dumbledore
The Threshold Guardian-Hagrid
The Herald-Hagrid
The Shapeshifter-Professor Quirrel
The Shadow- Voldemort
The Trickster-Ron Weasley
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