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Bridges After School Program Prezi

Adrienne Acuario, Ivonne Roche-Joseph, Ray Terrado, Regine Manalo

Adrienne Acuario

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Bridges After School Program Prezi

Bridges After School Program
- Latina adolescents have the highest rates of pregnancy in the U.S.

- In 2010 43,149 teen girls ages 15 to 19 gave birth in California alone

- In 2010, the Hispanic population had 31,580 teen births

- San Diego accounted for 26,385 teen pregnancies

- 36 communities in San Diego have teen pregnancy rates higher than the state average.
Barrio Logan, and parts of Vista and Oceanside

- Latinos comprise over 1/3rd of the teen population in San Diego County
- Leading to more than 3/4th of teen births in the area
Stage 1: Planning
Stage III:
Communications analysis:
Product: Bridges After School Program
Low cost care
Safe place for students
Education opportunity
Low Cost
Volunteers and mentors
Given volunteer hours
Internship hours
Place: Central San Diego (Golden Hill and Logan Elementary)
Promotion: Sending numerous bilingual take home flyers, brochures, and mailed letters about the Bridges Program to community
Public Health Issue:
Target Population:
Risk Factors:
Stage IV: Implementation
Facebook, cell phones, twitter, Instagram, text notifications
Instead of using scare tactics, appropriate visual aids (e.g., pictures and videos) will be presented
Limited lectures
Role playing
Guest speakers (e.g., teen moms, families, and therapists)
Resistance strategies demonstrations
Stage II: Theory
Teen pregnancy among Latinas in Central San Diego
- Latino adolescents
- 10 to 15 years old
- Male and female

- Drug and alcohol use
- Lack of knowledge about sex and contraceptives
- Low self-esteem
- Having sex at a young age
- Victim of sexual abuse
- Dating at an early age
- Friends who are sexually active

- Lack of parental supervision
- Limited communication
- Single parent families
- Family history of teen pregnancy
Social Cognitive Theory (SCT)
Personal factors
Environmental influences
Behavior continually interact

Reciprocal determinism
Behavioral capability

Six Essential Concepts of SCT
How does SCT work with target population?
Health communication campaign model/Bridges Program?
Observational learning
PrimeTime Extended Day Program (6 to 6 Program) (San Diego, CA)
Target population: 5 to 15 years old

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater San Diego
Target population: 5 to 18 years old

YMCA of San Diego County - Before & After School Programs
Target population: 5 to 12 years old
Program Strategies:
Free or low cost
Fun & safe environment
Adult supervision
Academic support
Healthy snacks
Enrichment activities
Physical development/coordination activities
Interpersonal skills & character/self-esteem development
Target Audience
Education Plan:
Gender separation
Counseling by same sex

Communication day
How to build better relationships

Sex and contraceptives discussion
Contraceptives and repercussions of risky, unsafe sexual activities

Adrienne Acuario, Ivonne Roche-Joseph, Ray Terrado, Regine Manalo

Prior to the start of implementation, the program staff will deliver and present the pilot Bridges After School Program to Golden Hill Elementary (91%) & Logan Elementary (95%) (6-8th grade).

Awareness Level: After sending numerous bilingual take home flyers, brochures, and mailed letters about the Bridges Program, at least 75% of parents & students will be aware.
Process Objective
Learning Objective
By the end the first semester, a majority of the students in the Bridges Program will comply with their pledge to refrain from risky, unsafe sexual activities.

As part of the Bridges Program, all of the students will participate in a field trip to local community health clinics, which will allow them to learn more about the clinics and their services.
Environmental Objective
Action/Behavior Objective

Upon completing the year long program, at least 75% of the students will be able to demonstrate resistance strategies against risky, unsafe sexual activities.

Lower teen pregnancy rate within the Latino population in Central San Diego by 10% within a school year.
Learning Skill Objective
Outcome Objective
Other Programs
Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday (2-4 Hours)

10 to 15 year old Latino adolescents (male and female)

Implementation of Bridges After School Program

Beginning of each school year

Golden Hill and Logan Elementary

Group discussions, incentives, Facebook page, student portal, or website, guest speakers, brochures, field trip

Quasi-experimental design
Pre- and post test
Logan Elementary receives Bridges Program
Golden Hill is evaluated on their current after school program

Mission Statement
The mission of Bridges After School Program is to provide education and guidance to the Latino youths of Central San Diego by making a positive change at the early onset of puberty, instilling in them the tools to make healthy life choices for the rest of their lives
Building bridges to prevent and reduce teen pregnancy in Latinas in Central San Diego
Reduce the teen pregnancy rate within
the Latino population in Central San Diego

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