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AzLA 2017 Cycling for Libraries, A Tour of Libraries & Landscapes: Drawing Inspiration from the Environment to Transform the Library

No description

Serene Rock

on 27 October 2017

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Transcript of AzLA 2017 Cycling for Libraries, A Tour of Libraries & Landscapes: Drawing Inspiration from the Environment to Transform the Library

Cycling for Libraries
Advocate for libraries and support libraries’ role in society

Strengthen and develop international collaboration between librarians

Commit to the open movement and sharing of knowledge

An "unconference"
Cycling for Libraries 2016 - Canada
Niagara Falls Public Library
Niagara on the Lake Public Library
Toronto Reference Library
McMaster University Libraries
Cycling for Libraries, A Tour of Landscapes & Libraries
Drawing Inspiration from the Environment to Transform the Library
Serene Rock, Library Faculty, Scottsdale Community College, #Cyc4Lib Alum
31 librarians, 13 countries, 400 kilometers, 15 libraries
Six Nations Public Library
Six Nations Public Library - A Community in Need
Largest First Nations public library in Canada

First accredited First Nations library in Ontario

Of 133 First Nations communities in Ontario, only 46 have their own public library
1. Cycling for Libraries

2. Niagara Falls Public Library

3. McMaster University Libraries

4. Start the Cycle

5. Six Nations Public Library

6. Six Nations Public Library


7. Toronto Reference Library

8. Toronto Reference Library


9. Wyndham Robertson Library

10. Copenhagen Beach Library

Toronto is a culturally and linguistically diverse city

49% of the population was born outside of Canada

45% of the population have a first language other than English or French

Large collection of books and movies in different languages and ESL materials

Bilingual story times and Dial-a-story in 16 languages

Wide range of "New to Canada" services
McMaster University Libraries
"We know not all students can afford to buy or rent a bike. This service provides students with another option."
Start the Cycle - Bike checkouts through the library provides equal access to sustainable and free transportation

Think about the following questions, and then discuss and share.

What makes your library's environment unique?

How do people interact with the environment?

What library resources, services, programs, could improve, heighten, expand people's experience with above?

Your library's environment
Benefits of a Cycling "Unconference"
Cycling offers a unique perspective of each community.

Eco friendly and health conscious way to see libraries first hand

More time to discuss and interact with librarians from all over the world.

Builds problem solving and teamwork skills.
Library Services for Toronto's Diverse Populations
Local history collection documents Niagara Falls including early travel accounts, books about Niagara "Daredevils", and development of hydro-electric power in the region.

Niagara Falls
Power Stations
Niagara College Greenhouse
Vineyards in the back of the library
Themes Along the Way

A growing community awaits funding for a new, larger library.

Many patrons rely on the SNPL to provide wifi and computer access.

First Nation libraries do not receive the same federal funding as other public libraries.

SNPL serves about 87 patrons with an additional 30 patrons per day who are under served due to lack of space, computers, or accessibility issues.
Mills Library Rare Book Room, McMaster University
Brock University
Niagara on the Lake Public Library
Ontario Legislative Library
Arriving at the Ontario Legislative Library
Somewhere between Hamilton, ON and Six Nations Public Library
On Six Nations Reserve land
A warm welcome from Six Nations Public Library
Cycling Librarians
1. www.cyclingforlibraries.org
Local map collection

2. http://www.nflibrary.ca/nfplindex
3. https://library.mcmaster.ca/lyons
4. www.startthecycle.ca
Bike repair station on campus
6. http://www.accessola.org/
5. www.snpl.ca
Inside Six Nations Public Library
5. www.snpl.ca - Capital campaign
7. http://www1.toronto.ca/wps/portal
8. http://www.torontopubliclibrary.ca/new-to-canada/
Niagara College
Niagara College Teaching Brewery
Niagara Wine Country
Creekside Vineyard
Fielding Winery
Minding traffic laws
Art gallery in library displays local artists
1 of 4 gaming rooms
Lyons New Media Centre
Linn and Aleg find books in their language
~Ann Pottier, Associate University Librarian, McMaster University
Beach Library in Copenhagen
10. https://kulturn.kk.dk/nyheder/strandbiblioteket-paa-amager-strand
9. https://www.hollins.edu/news/library-hike-seeks-to-inspire-creativity/
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