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Essential Vocabulary #1

trace, analyze, infer, evaluate, formulate, describe, support, explain, summarize, compare, contrast, predict

Korbin Cook

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Essential Vocabulary #1

Essential Vocabulary #1 Trace (v, n) Trace the steps necessary to complete the project.

There was no trace of the criminal left at the crime scene. Trace(n, v): list in steps; a very small amount. Analyze(v) Analyze the text by explaining what it means.

I analyzed my options after graduation. Analyze(v): to examine by breaking apart and studying carefully. Infer(v) I inferred the truth from her tone of voice.

The detective inferred the murder weapon by examining the body. Infer(v): read between the lines. Evaluate(v) I evaluated the restaurant through a feedback form.

The test evaluated my skills. Evaluate(v): to judge; to assess. Formulate (v) The ants formulated a raft to survive the flood.

I formulated an answer to the math problem. Formulate(v): to create; to build. Describe(v) The man described the car crash.

I described the kitty to my students. Describe(v): tell all about; explain. Support (v, n) What evidence supports your idea?

Can you provide support for your claims? Support (v, n): back up with details; evidence for your ideas. Explain (v) The German man tried to explain the idiom "shooting fish in a barrel".

I explained the lesson to the class. Explain (v): tell how. Summarize (v) Movie trailers often summarize films.

Books summarize the story on their back covers or back flaps. Summarize (v): give me the short version; synopsis. Compare (v) The clip compared the faces of celebrities.

I compared my test score with a friend. Compare (v): all the ways they are alike. Contrast (v) Spot the difference pictures are all about contrasting the two pictures.

Contrast the way dogs behave with the way cats behave. Contrast (v): All the ways they are different; inconsistencies. Predict (v) Horoscopes predict the future.

I always try to predict what will happen next when I read books or watch movies. Predict (v): What will happen next; to "call it".
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