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0. Course introduction 2017

No description

Agurtzane Elordui

on 13 September 2017

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Transcript of 0. Course introduction 2017

Globalization of language
Before watching
- What advantages might there be to having a global language?
As you viewing
Next steps
Before watching
- What problems might arise?

What is a 'lingua franca'?

List the factors that have made English a global language.

The local also influences English: what are Global English/es?
Prof. Crystal says that in order for English to be replaced as the global language another culture must become powerful in a 'political, military, cultural and economic sense'. He foretells possible scenarios in which this might occur. Spanish/Chinese/ German/ French is one of them.

What is a global language
What makes a global language?
sections in Crystal's
English as a Global Language
(pp. 3- 10)
Undertake some research into Spanish as a global language in media and how it is spreading.

Would you say that Spanish/Chinese/German/ French is a global language today?

Create a presentation (8-10 min) where you will share your findings and conclusions with the rest of the class.

Oral Presentation:

1. Topic of research
2. Steps in your research
3. Sources of information
4. Relevant results and conclusions
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