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So much to do....

how to keep busy as a coach

Ritsa Tassopoulos

on 10 August 2011

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Transcript of So much to do....

So much to do.... Top ten ideas to help you stay busy. 9. When you can't visit teachers, do some clerical organizational pieces. Do you have a teacher list with planning times, grade level and/or subjects taught? Do you have schedules? This way you'll know when you can visit. 8. Still can't visit classrooms? Have you checked the school's data on Dashboard? You can create some graphs showing school data that can be posted in a teacher workroom. Put up some guiding questions. This really gets teachers talking. 7. Take a walk, stop in a teacher's room where there are no students or a teacher. Get a "feel" for the environment, what do you see? Write a nice positive note and leave it on the teacher's desk. 10. Your principal is busy and stressed, you've already told him/her you're available to help in any way you can but s/he isn't ready to talk. Generate a plan for yourself, then email it to the principal. Use this list to help give you some ideas. 6. Find the teacher workrooms with the copying machines. Offer to help a teacher, see what they're copying, develop relationships. 5. Study up on the content frameworks, make any copies you may need to check writing portfolios (hope you get a copying number) 4. Take a walk, check out the art room, computer room, playground, interact with the students. Check out the data room. 3. Remember the teachers you met at the copier, find some resources for them. Send them a couple of really good links, not too many they don't have the time to do a mass search. 2. Use your teacher list and visit classrooms! 1. At the end of the day, send the principal an email, tell her/him all you've accomplished, and ask what you can do for them on the next day you're there. And now some ideas to coach brand new teachers.....
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