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CS2016 - Introduction (wk1)

No description

Yvan Guichaoua

on 1 February 2016

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Transcript of CS2016 - Introduction (wk1)

Conflict and Security
Teaching team

Structure of the module & key questions


Module format & organisational matters

Readings & resources
Structure of the module & key questions
Readings and resources
Format & organisational matters
. 1 hour is short --> it's up to you to deepen your understanding of topics via intense reading & interaction in seminars


1) action needed --> choose your group
2) 3 different formats: discussions, case studies, training
3) action needed --> choose your case study, let me know when you want to present (two presentations / session)

Sharing information

. 1) lectures notes; 2) N&A; 3) some readings
Email & office hours
. Personal academic plans
JCR, JPR, Security Dialogue, Stability, IRIN News, ICG, Carnegie Endowment for peace etc.
--> see syllabus
5,000 words essay.
100% of the mark --> super important

Intermediary step.
Submitting your outline (by end of week 8)

Deadline for final submission.
9 May, 12.00 noon

Essay format.
a conflict analysis (case study) + policy recommendations (something like an ICG report) --> not quite an academic exercise!
1. Conflict & Security -
Quick factual and conceptual overview
Conflict trends / types of warfares

Meanings of 'security' or 'fragility'
--> tricky concepts
2. (international) responses
No real textbook

Scanned chapters on Moodle

Rest of refs accessible online

Let me know if you can't access some refs
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