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In-N-Out Burger Presentation

Christian Goodie

Alexandra Meeks

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of In-N-Out Burger Presentation

Kimberly C.
Christian G.
Michelle M.
Charmein R.

Thank You
Established in 1948 by Harry and Esther Snyder
First Ever drive-thru burger stand
Locations in California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, and Texas
Menu: four basic items
Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, the Double-Double, and Fries
All items are customizable
Slogans: “Fresh, Never Frozen” & "Quality you can Taste
Thrives on customer loyalty and satisfaction

To Successfully Implement the grilled chicken burger into In-N-Out's Menu

In-N-Out only has 3 main burger choices all including beef patties resulting in the lack of variety.

To pitch the idea of In-N-Out adding a new choice to its menu to some of the nation’s biggest media corporations and social media websites.
Media will then communicate to local communities about the “What Would You Like to See On Our Menu” In-N-Out survey posted on their website.
To create a more diverse menu with an added option in order to attract a different, specific audience and to connect with newer people and expand In-N-Out’s customer base, hitting a much broader audience who are more health conscious and including them in In-N-Out’s philosophy

To add grilled chicken burgers to the menu by the fall of 2014 in all locations.
To have an increase in revenue by $100 million at the end of the fiscal year.
To help increase In-N-Outs customer base by 30% since the addition would attract a number of new customers who are more health conscious.
To increase infrastructure by 10% in all facilities by added new equipment to store the chicken.
To aid in the development and implementation of a long-term relationship with new suppliers and In-N-Out who will meet the demands of facilities in supplying the chicken for the menu.

The entire community: families and their friends
Generational customers, youths, young singles, tourists, students
Health conscious individuals
Women aged 31-40

Focus on product and product quality
Reiteration of In-N-Out’s slogans of “Fresh, Never Frozen” & "Quality You Can Taste"
Maintaining traditional values even after the addition is made
Chicken burger will be prepared and treated no differently than original items on the menu

1) Expand In-N-Out’s customer base
2) Breaking the barrier between classic and current cultures, while keeping the same traditional values
3) Increasing brand awareness
4) Maintaining relationships with loyal customers
5) Allowing Word of Mouth to carry the new product
In-N-Out’s customers have showed tremendous concern in the lack of variety of meat options.
Competitors have chicken and other healthy options like salads on their menus
A grilled chicken burger would be a healthy alternative to the traditional burger
Goals include:
Putting In-N-Out in good standings with health conscious customers and audiences.
Increasing In-N-Out’s revenue
Increasing potential clients
Providing customers with an additional, even healthier alternative from the traditional 100% beef patty
Goals will not compromise the integrity of the traditional In-N-Out business model.

1) Expand In-N-Out’s customer base
Establish a media relations campaign that would inform our audience about our new healthier option and initiative Jan 1st
2) Breaking the barrier between classic and current cultures, while keeping the same traditional values
Keep traditional logo and brand distinguishes
Communicate the same brand values to our audience through our website and news releases.
3) Increasing brand awareness
Advertise on television, radio and social media.
Create commercials that promote and inform the public about our new product.
Advertise on billboards that will be displayed on major highways and roadways with In-N-Out slogans ".
4) Maintaining relationships with loyal customers
Communicate to In-N-Out’s customers through Twitter and online forums.
Receive feedback through customer surveys and emails, and address concerns to the best of our ability.
5) Allowing Word of Mouth to carry the new product
Announce the new product via social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
In each of the In-N-Out locations, we will post a simple sign introducing the new sandwich.
In-N-Out employees will mainly focus on encouraging customers to try it and announcing the new product to every customer.
We will evaluate our progress by how many individuals and customers respond to the survey and news they hear about In-N-Outs push towards a healthy initiative : #In-N-OutAwareness #ChickenBurger
Five Star PR will measure production by counting news releases, feature stories, photos, blog postings, and articles
We will measure message exposure and accomplishments by analyzing how many print and broadcast mentions we receive and using that to estimate how many individuals the information reached through media impressions.
Audience awareness, attitudes, and actions will be measured by surveys and feedback we receive through social
Benchmark survey/ opinion polls will be conducted
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