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ISC 321 Group 1

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Demographics: Older married couples
Graduated College +
Baby boomer generation
Aged 49-67
Have children who are fully grown
Mid-west region of US
HHI $65,000-$75,000
More than 1 year at present address
Home value is $100,000-$200,000 Recommendations Stage of the Consumer Cycle:
(More towards connection; needing a push to interact with Walmart, and more importantly Glidden)

Key to the baby bomer segment is Trustworthiness.
General idea of Walmart is negative---negative idea of paint.
Focus on the simplicity aspect that Glidden at Walmart can provide.
Make Walmart’s DIY/Home Improvement sections look like place that is credible.
Make sure the employees are chalked full of knowledge- Baby boomers will not buy paint from a young sales person with no information on Glidden paint because it is hard enough for a baby boomer to trust a young employee.
Focus on media outlets of newspaper, magazines, and TV to draw them interact then in-store advertising will be key. UNCOVERING THE TARGET MARKET:
General Walmart Shoppers A THE GLIDDEN CASE Psychographics: Do not enjoy painting.
10% rate Walmart as credible establishment.
Home Depot at 78% is their main hub for DIY projects.
Are more experienced, confident, and somewhat perfectionist when it comes to DIY projects.
Shop at Walmart for home decor items rather than paint.
Clean and quick while also simple and affordable.

....plays in with buying behaviors! Behaviors and Buying Habits PRIMARY RESEARCH:
Parents took the VALS survey in order to better understand their behavior patterns and thought processes.

Mark- Thinker (primary); Believer (secondary)
Carla- Thinker (primary); Believer (secondary)
MaryAnn- Believer (primary); Thinker (secondary) Their Perception General Ideas:
Do not go to Walmart for painting purposes.
Prefer specialty stores whom they know will provide quality service.

1)For you generation, what is most appealing about shopping at Walmart? What is most unappealing aspect of shopping at Walmart?

2)Do you shop in the Walmart home improvement section? If so, how often?

3)If answer no to above question what would make you more likely to shop in the Walmart home improvement section?

4)Do you know what kind of paint Walmart sells?

5)What is your general perception of paint at Walmart? Mary Anderson & Stephen West Functional Needs: Steady income
No worries about falling market
Established equity
Mainly smaller, upgrade or replacements projects
Functional all-in-one
Needs change as people age Symbolic Needs: Host for multiple generations
Repainting a room for the pregnant daughter who's moving back in.
"Keeping up with the Joneses'" or updating just to uphold a sense of newness or change in their life.
Redoing a room into a fitness room for their "Get into shape" resolution. Experiential Needs: Draws them in via the media outlets of TV, newspapers, and magazines.
Offer coupons and special promos to get these older couples to experiment with the brand.
Have to have a good reason to go and test it out. “The most important thing to remember about Boomers is that they are rule breakers. Individuality over conformity is a consistent Boomer pattern. They always have done it differently than the way it was done before, and as they get older, they will continue to demand products that fit their individuality.”
–From Rocking The Ages:
(The Yankelovich Report on Generational Marketing by J. Walker Smith & Ann Clurman) BIBLIOGRAPHY: Ad-ology: Home improvement demographics. (2012). Retrieved
from http://www.ad-ology.com/pro/index.cfm
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