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No description

Lauren Bratslavsky

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of convergence

Industry Convergence
but ... why it's not new
a defining feature of contemporary media?
convergence: as the bringing together of formerly separate media ... radio, television, movies, newspapers, magazines
digital convergence
case study:
AOL Time Warner Merger
mostly, yes
convergence: as the bringing of formerly separate technologies
convergence: as the bringing together of formerly separate media corporations
what is digital?
simply: the breakdown of information as 1s and 0s
vs. analog, information that is on paper, on tape, on film
the brief history of the internet ... an essential part of leading us to the digital/media convergence era
1969: DARPA and the creation of ARPAnet

1972: first email messages exchanged

1981:213 linked host computers form ARPAnet
... and growing
1982: the word, INTERNET, used to define set of networks using TCP/IP

1989: World Wide Web developed
by Tim Berners-Lee
1993: a "human-face for the internet" ... the browser!

the internet helped to mark forms of convergence

1996 Act: lifted limitation on the totla number of radio stations one company could wn
Clear Channel wins!
"This merger will launch the next Internet revolution," proclaimed AOL founder Steve Case.
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