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geometry project objective 7

No description

Hayley G

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of geometry project objective 7

Objective 7 Notes! An architect wanted the field of a stadium she was designing to be large enough for both soccer and football games. A soccer feild is 225 feet wide by 360 feet long. It is 65 feet widder than a football field, but both lengths are the same. what is the difference in feet between their perimeters? 130 A toy company plans to make a model of a train engine using a scale where 1 inch represents 4 feet. If the length of the actual engine is 51 feet, which of these is closest to the length of the model in inches?
A) 12 3/4 in.
B) 3 in.
C) 204 in.
D) 11 1/3 in.
B!!!!!!!!! an interior decorator painted two rectangular panels. one is 10 feet by 20 feet, and the other is 4 feet by 15 feet. The can of paint she use covers at most 400 square feet. she then used the rest of the can to compleatly paint a theird rectangular panel. Which of the following is a resonable estimate of the dimensions of the third panel?
A) 12 ft by 20 ft
B) 15 ft by 15 ft
C) 10 ft by 16 ft
D) 10 ft by 12 ft

D!!!!! Draw on object that is four squares deep, three squares wide and 6 squares high. By: Ashleigh Lara, Hayley Grillett, Chris Lopez, Stephanie Ramos-Torres Grade 10 TAKS Mathematics—Objective 7
Understanding two- and three-dimensional representations of geometric relationships and
shapes is important because the structure of the world is based on geometric properties. The concepts
covered in this objective are an integral part of many fields, such as molecular chemistry, aviation,
pattern design, etc. These concepts build spatial-reasoning skills that help develop an understanding
of distance, location, area, and space. The knowledge and skills contained in Objective 7 will allow
students to understand how the basic concepts of geometry are related to the real world. Mastering the
knowledge and skills in Objective 7 at tenth grade will help students master the knowledge and skills
in other TAKS objectives at tenth grade.
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