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applying to a Catholic high school

No description

Sheila Drewes

on 28 August 2018

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Transcript of applying to a Catholic high school

Navigating the Catholic
high school application process

Send paperwork to SJPII
Paperwork is due at SJPII by DECEMBER 3, 2018.
We have a LOT to do, and we have a lot of students who apply. HELP US by getting paperwork in by the deadline.
Complete the application.

Start early. You want to make a good impression and rushing through the application at the last minute is probably NOT the best strategy!

Applications are online and are available now. Check the website of your schools of choice to find their application process.

Revise your answers (parents, too) before you submit.
Say your prayers...
All schools mail acceptance/wait list/rejection letters in mid-March.
Keep your options open.
Right now, it's all about options...

Define your top two or three choices and plan to apply to all of them.
Attend the Open House for each school in which you are interested. Check websites for dates and times.
The Private School Preview will be on October 28 at Strake Jesuit.
You should only send three recommendation forms to school, regardless of the number of Catholic schools to which your child is applying.
Besides the recommendation forms, please send the Records Release Form for
each school.
Take a high school entrance exam.

Most of the Catholic high schools will now accept either the ISEE or the HSPT. Check websites for the latest information.
St. Agnes is the only school that will accept ONLY the ISEE. So ...if St. Agnes is a choice for your daughter, she must take the ISEE.
Duchesne will accept ISEE results OR a portfolio.

ISEE testing begins in November, with re-takes possible in January. Some schools are VERY specific about what they will accept. CHECK WEBSITES.

HSPT testing is January 20th.

Scholarships may be available based on test

There are many test preparation programs available if you feel that would be beneficial.
If your child will be taking the ISEE, make sure you register as soon as you determine when your child will take the test.
We recommend taking the test as late as possible.
You also register for the HSPT. Check the websites of the schools to which your child is applying for more information.
All Catholic high schools require an entrance exam.
St. John XXIII due date
St. Agnes due date
Due date for other schools
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