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Copy of Copy of Ancient Civilizations

Ancient Civilizations and how they came about

Karen Koss

on 6 September 2018

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Ancient Civilizations

The First Humans
Pre-History (anytime before writing) -3500 B.C.
World History: Ancient Civilizations
What do all of these culture hearths (origins) have in common?
Write a paragraph explaining your answers
Ok, now what were some reasons for your thoughts? Why do you think humans would begin in the areas you chose?
Technology – the ability to provide new tools and methods to solve problems. The advent of bronze for tools and weapons and irrigation systems are examples of technology
Where did the first Humans originate?
Let's consult our outline maps.
0 AD
64 Ancient Rome
400 BC Ancient Greece
2000 BC Ancient Messopotamia
1500 BC Ancient Egypt
1400 AD Renaisance
Ancient Civilizatons came before 0 AD
Where did humans first appear?
Lightly shade where you think the first humans originated
Consider the climate
Consider waterways
Consider the right answers
Chapter 1: Prehistory
What does that mean? Any time before the dawn of writing or reliable record keeping
Since we don't really know what people were thinking,
had to piece together what they thought was going on and use sophisticated technologies like
carbon dating
to figure out how old things were.
If you want to google these terms later, here is a helpful website: http://www.ehow.com/about_5078889_thermoluminescence-dating.html
The main culture Hearths include
Nile River Valley
Huang Ho River Valley
Indus River Valley

Ruins in Turkey
Icons of the Nile River civilization
Cave Paintings of Lascaux, France
One of the first written forms of human communication
What did they mean?
What was the point?
What was important to pre-historic people?
Art? story telling? hunting?
Why leave such beautiful artwork?
Let's review...
Consider the previous questions as you watch
Consider that this is one of the first forms of written human communication
Were they even human?
Who were those people anyway?
The first humanoids were called australopithecines or "Southern Apes"
Homoerectus (also known as "upright human being")
was found 1.5 million years ago.
Since they weren't very smart, they were quickly replaced by Homoerectus
Homosapiens (Wise Human beings) appeared about 250,000 years ago
Ancient China
Consider the following concepts:
What environment was necessary for human development?
Who were the three main human species prior to modern man?
What was the significance of the Cave Paintings?
End of Chapter 1
After the Ice age (in about 8,000 B.C.), the beginning of the "New Stone Age" began. It was a monumental time in human history.
Neolithic Revolution
Civilization: Complex Culture where large numbers of Human beings share common elements.
The Frist Agricultural Revolution began
cities, government, religion, social structure, writing, art
What do they have in common?
Monarchy: organized government around a ruler
Farming: Surplus, specialization,
Social structure: stratification of people due to different stuff
Art: Cave paintings. Why again?
religion: explain the unexplainable
Contributions of the Paleolithic era
Domestication of animals and crops
Villiages! (but also defense)
social stratification (too bad women)
Huge walls and warfare started
What happened differently?
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