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Youth Education Centre "Fialta"

The Description of Fialta

Alex Husak

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Youth Education Centre "Fialta"

Youth Education Centre

What Is Mission of Fialta
It helps those who get in touch with Fialta to consciously determine their own life-stand and develop free and flexible way of thinking
Who Does Fialta Work with and for
What Does Fialta Do
Who Works in Fialta
Social workers
Trainers and facilitators
Former participants of trainings, seminars, educational programms and exchanges of Fialta
•Those who work with and for young people
•All those who have interest in what’s going on in Fialta
( average age – 25 years)
What Does Fialta Value
• Commitment to fulfill the mission working voluntarily
• Striving for self-development and self-realization
• Ability to take personal decisions
• Uniqueness of organizational and own cultures
• Pluralism in decision-making
• Equality
Successes of Fialta
Got the official registration
on February 17, 1995
Over 1300 seminars and trainings
for 35 000 people on
conflict resolution
intercultural education
organizational development
interactive methods in education
project & time management
organizing youth mass events
HIV/AIDS and drug abuse prevention
Members of Fialta are authors of the books and scientific publications on issues within competence of Fialta (Healthy Life Style, NGO Development, Peer education, Effective communication).
“Fashion for Health”

project for vocational school students (2007-2008) gave young people an opportunity to express their healthy-life style vision in creative way (video, photo, radio, etc.)
“Think. Act. Play” (2009)

– a project for young people in orphanage on deleloping skills needed for independent life.
“City of solutions” (2009 - 2010)

– a project on empowering young people initiatives using different methods of youth work and education - city bound, creative techniques, outdoor education, etc.
“Catch the present” (2011-2012)
– long-term project for creating an open youth center and space for youth initiatives, supported by American embassy in Minsk
International projects within “Erasmus+” Programme
Bilateral projects (SIDA)
EVS: sending & hosting
Office Address
Myasnikova street 35, Minsk
Contact Number
+375 17 222 78 73
Teenagers and young people of Belarus
Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
Teachers and youth workers
Those who work with and for young people
Educational programmes for teenagers and young people
Seminars and trainings for non-governmental organizations
Trainings of trainers
Youth mass events
Peer education programme
International exchanges
Consultations within Fialta activities and competence
Open Youth Centre
a space for young people ideas and initiatives
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