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What's a thesis?

This prezi attempts to explain the purpose and techniques of crafting thesis statements before introducing graphic organizers.

Jarrod Swint

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of What's a thesis?

What is a thesis statement,
and why does it matter?
You may have been told to think about thesis statements in many different ways.
You may have been taught that a
thesis statement is like a filter or
the narrow end of a funnel.
You may have been taught that
the thesis statement is a target
to be aimed for.
You may have been taught that
a thesis statement is a road map
that directs the rest of your essay.
You may even have been told
that a thesis statement is like the
cheese in a monstrous three meat
The Truth is...
...all of those illustrations contain some truth,
...but they all suffer from the same flaw.
All of these illustrations
oversimplify an already
simple idea,
and they all fail to tell
you what the words
"thesis statement"
even mean.
A thesis is an idea which is
put forward for consideration.
This idea is usually
discussed in writing
(like essays) or
A thesis statement is quite simply a statement which tells the reader what idea(s) will be discussed in a paper.
Write this down.
Directly Responsive
Draw this.
Let's Practice.
Universal means...
1. A thesis does not refer to one specific person or place.
2. A thesis statement is written in the third person. (he, she, her, him, they)
3. A thesis statement is not the place to include specific items of evidence.
How can a thesis statement be both universal and specific?
A thesis statement is about ideas. It is universal because it does not refer solely to a single person, but it is specific because it does refer to one specific idea.
We can be sure that our thesis specific by asking it thesis questions:
What's your point?
How or why is that true?
This question asks you to think about what you are trying to saying. By asking it we focus on the ideas we are presenting to make sure they are clear.
This question ensures that you will think deeply about the ideas you are writing.
Make sure that your thesis directly responds to prompt by...
1. rephrasing the prompt as a question (if needed),
2. answering that question directly,
3. and questioning your response with the how and why questions we use to create depth.
Create a thesis statement to respond to the following prompt by following the steps provided.
Explain the importance of taken responsibility for your actions.
Step One- Turn the prompt into a question.
Why is it important to take responsibility for your actions?
Step Two- Answer the question directly.
Taking responsibility for your actions makes you more successful.
Step Three- Tell how or why your answer is true. (You will need to use the words "by" or "because".)
...because taking responsibility empowers you to change yourself for the better.
Pretty good. Now you try this one by yourself.
Explain whether or not looks are important.
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