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Song of Powers-Holli Barnes

No description

Holli Barnes

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Song of Powers-Holli Barnes

Song of the Powers by David Mason Holli Barnes Stanzas Summary Answers to Questions Essay Prompt: Essay Thesis Stanza Four Stanza Two Stanza Three Stanza One Figurative Language Basic Information Personification
Irony Interpretation: representation of brute force and physical power.
Tone: Dominant
Diction: "Stone", "crush", "stronger"
Imagery: "I crush the scissors"-picture of dominance Interpretation: the power of words and the imagination are greater than the power of physical force.
Tone: allusive
Diction: "smother", "imagined", "mind", "shaper"
Imagery: "smother the stone"-words conquering brute force. "imagined birds,reams of them, flown from the mind of the shaper"-creations of the mind Interpretation: The scissors are like "swords" that cut through all the dreams and wishes of the "paper"
Tone: violent
Diction: "knives", "gashing", "tattering"
Imagery: "gashing through paper's ethereal lives..."-image of the scissors physically tearing through the dreams and wishes. Interpretation: All of the powers destroy each other because the pride in their power far exceeds anything else, and the poem warns us against being this vain.
Tone: somber
Diction: "crushes", "snuffs", "cut", "heap", "scissor", "uproot", "all"
Imagery: "so heap up your paper..."-image of collecting all powers
Through poetic elements such as imagery and figurative language, David Mason does an exceptional job at using what appears to be a literal explanation of rock-paper-scissors to allude to a darker message - that regardless of what powers one possesses, they are not spared from ending up alone in the end. Complexity Stanza division:Each stanza is separated by each power, until the last one, which offers a warning.
Increased number of lines in the last stanza
Last stanza makes the whole poem ironic Tone and Theme Tone: Mocking
Theme: All pride in powers is vain because regardless of what powers you possess, everybody ends up alone in the end. 1. B
2. E
3. A
4. B
5. C Read the poem and then write a well-organized essay in which you explain how the poet conveys not only a literal description of playing rock-paper-scissors, but a deeper understanding of the whole experience. Analyze poetic techniques and elements that you find are most commonly used in the passage.
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