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Career Shadowing

This is a project for school. I career shadowed my grandma at Florida Kitchen and Bath Design

Shelby Bridges

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing

Career Shadowing By: Shelby Bridges The purpose of the company is to meet their clients
needs by designing and creating living spaces such
as kitchens and bathrooms. Employability skills needed for this job
are, respect to others, dressing appropriately,
following directions and completing assigned work. At: Florida Kitchen and Bath Design Education needed to work at
Florida Kitchen and Bath Design
is a required high school diploma and
a preferred college degree. Additional
classes in buisiness management, drafting,
decorating, and interior design will increase
your chances of recieving a job here. The salary for a kitchen designer is completely commission. If you don't bring in any sales, you don't earn any money. In 15 years, the company will probably be in the hands of the daughter and son in law still designing great work for customers. Technology in this business is often used.
there are many programs such as 20-20 Tecnologies used to design and price projects
for potential customers. For this job you will need mostly
need computer skills and listening skills. I Iit It is very possible
that i might pursue
a career in this feild.
Especially since its a
family business. My favorite part about this job would probably be the Technology. They use it all the time. just like we do at school. Its easy to me. What i disliked about this job was the fact that you are trapped up in an office all day. THE END[:
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