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Viking vs Bantu: Expansion/Migration

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karime villegas

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of Viking vs Bantu: Expansion/Migration

Viking vs Bantu Expansion/Migration
Time Period
First off, the Viking and the Bantu people existed in different time periods which is going to include many different factors. It can have an affect on their geographical location which affects the available land for them to expand through and civilizations around them.

Vikings: Approximately late 8th to mid 11th century
Bantu:3000 B.C.-1100 A.D
Some reasons for both Bantu and Viking expansion include:

Population increases which resulted in over crowding
Increase in warfare
Internal conflicts- misunderstandings etc...
Trading purposes
Love for adventure
Introduction of iron working
Introduction of new crops
They introduced centralized administration
Introduced a system of building permanent homes
Introduced subsistence agriculture
Effects of trade/expansion of the vikings
Discovered the "new world"
Had a big impact on over-seas travel, trade and raids.
Introduced the sail and mast of a boat
Were able to bring back exotic goods
Introduced intermarriage
Introduced Nordic language
Farming, architecture, and craft skills
Discovery of major weapons
The Bantu people's also lived over a much longer period of time which is going to have a big affect to their migrations/expansion in comparison to the Vikings.
Overall Viking migrations. The Vikings began in Scandinavia and spread throughout parts of Europe and Mediterranean over time.
Overall Bantu Migrations. The Bantu people began and expanded/migrated
throughout Africa over time.
Vikings: The Vikings began in Scandinavia which is located in Northern Europe. When they began to expand, they raided civilizations around them and took over the land as they expanded throughout Europe. After they gained ship technology, the ocean became essential to their expansion as they were now able to go over seas and conquer even more land.
Bantu: The Bantu people began in Northern Africa and began to expand southwards. Since the Bantu people strived for such a long, they were able to slowly conquer and take over the land surrounding them, more specifically, south of them. Over time, the Bantu civilization was eventually able to expand over the majority of the continent of Africa.
More reasons for Migration
Drought and famine
Disease epidemics
Natural calamities
Group influence
need for water and pasture
More Reasons for Migration
Plunder and greed
Ship technology made expansion possible
Viking culture: The Viking people had a strong cultural tradition where people with an adventurous spirit or great warriors were highly prized and remembered in legends and song
The Bantu migrations were closely related to agriculture and iron-working
in a continuous reciprocal process. Developing agriculture expanded Bantu
populations; iron tools and weapons provided the means to acquire new lands;
and the resulting migrations spread both technologies through the whole
sub-Sahara region.
Bantu Migration Impact
The Viking migrations left a long lasting mark on Northern Europe in terms of language, trade, farming and gentics. This was overlooked by those who simply thought of the Vikings as a group of barbaric, blood thirsty invaders that wanted to nothing but destroy. The Vikings were much more than this, just like the Bantu people, they had an impact on the world that has had an effect on the way the world is today.
Impact of viking migrations
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