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A2 Question 1b preparation

Briefing for 1b

Keith Day

on 6 May 2011

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Transcript of A2 Question 1b preparation

A2 Media Studies
G325 Critical Perspectives
Q1b 2 hour exam
Q1b = 25 marks
= 30 minutes Question 1(b) requires candidates to select one production and evaluate it in relation to a media
concept Media concepts
Media language In some circumstances, candidates will be expected to select the production that appears to relate most effectively to the specific concept that arises in the exam question.
However, the requirement for candidates to evaluate one of their productions in relation to a concept does not assume that the concept will necessarily always fit easily and in an orthodox way.
Thus in some cases candidates will be describing their productions in terms of them not relating straightforwardly to the concept. Mark Scheme
As 1a
Explanation/analysis/argument 10
Use of Examples 10
Use of terminology 5
TOTAL 25 Genre
likely to be
Opening Sequence
Music Video What are the genre of your OS & MV?

What are the elements /components which show the genre? Genre MV
Musical genre?
Goodwins - MV exhibit genre
etc Activity
review your OS
Make DETAILLED notes on signposts to genre Genre O/S
What are the elements?
mis en scene


camera angles

editing Feedback Narrative
Likely to be O/S or MV Narrative
= telling the/a story
= informing the audience Similarities to Genre
More a case of the "overall effect"
Less to do with deconstruction What is the story you are telling?
How do the audience "get the message" MV
illustrating the narrative of the track?
examples? O/S
starting point is no knowledge???? How do we establish
location Activity
produce 9shot analysis using screengrabs
to illustrate your narrative Audience
Who is the intended audience? Describe the intended audience for each piece Activity
Find a photograph (google images?) which exemplifies your intended audience
import into Pages
annotate/label What research did you do into target audiences?
(do not get bogged down in this) In what way does your chosen piece address that audience? Activity
Review your piece and make a mind map of the way it addresses audiences Media Language Quote from Chief Examiner
Easier than you think.
Imagine it is G322 and do what they would do for forms and conventions
Really if it comes up it is the easiest because they can use narrative and genre too as part of it What does this mean? G322 is Textual Analysis What does this not mean?
technical terminology eg
dutch tilt
etc Describe the way in which meaning is created in your peiece of work
You can be as wide ranging as you like
In effect is draws on the other analyses you have done
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