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Allie Forlenza, Stephen Parker, Meghan Fallon, Dan Bechtel,

No description

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of Allie Forlenza, Stephen Parker, Meghan Fallon, Dan Bechtel,

Enjoy the Skit...
Plan of Action
Poor Leadership
Change in management at the pool
The new pool manager was the father of one of the lifeguards
Last minute shift communications
Negative morale
Obviously, the situation at the pool was a negative one. Due to the poor communication between management and staff along with the unwarranted hierarchical structure, employees were simply getting frustrated. Through understanding the Interpersonal Communication Process as well as what it means to be a transactional leader, management can help repair the disconnect with their employees and be a more cohesive unit
Disclaimer: The actual names of the people involved with this incident have been changed for the protection of their own identities...

The pool manager rules the pool with an
iron fist
Steve and the other lifeguards are obviously upset
Having his son text shift times minutes before the shift starts is an
ineffective way of communicating
when he did give schedules early
Interpersonal Communication Process
Top management can put deadlines in place for the pool director to ensure that lifeguards are notified of shift times by email two days in advance
The general manager should encourage the pool director to be more of a
transactional leader
Have lifeguards write out scheduling preferences
Put a review system in place to encourage
Handling conflict in negotiations
Globo Gym
Dan Bechtel
Meghan Fallon
Allie Forlenza
Dan Meehan
Stephen Parker
Melissa Rogers

Problems at the Pool
Lack of Effective Communication
Which managerial concepts were evident in the skit?
leadership style
for employees
His son, only member
of the
Leader-Member Exchange
Robbins, S. P., & Coulter, M. (2014). Management (12th edition)—with access to MyManagementLab. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall Publishing.
Halvorsen-Ganepola slides
Strengths and Weaknesses
If lifeguards are working at times that are best for them, that will increase job satisfaction and productivity.
The plan fulfills legal safety requirements.
The plan will repair damaged staff relationships, eliminating the in-group/out-group structure and creating more of a team environment.
The pool director may be resistant to change.
The plan requires the cooperation of everyone at the pool.
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