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My First Prezi

No description

Haley Siwy

on 15 February 2017

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Transcript of My First Prezi

My Family!
My Family Consists of:
My Mom : Sara
My Dad : Michael
My Sister : Lauren
Me : Haley
My Dog : Bennett
What I Like!
I Like:
To Play VideoGames
To Draw
To Write
To Be Creative
To Let My Imagination Run Wild
To Dance
To Sing
To Come Up With Storylines
To Make OCs
What I Believe!
I Believe That:
Jesus Christ Died for Me and All Believers Like Me.
Everyone Deserves a Second Chance
Love conquers Fear
Creativity is the Center of the Universe
I Am Saved By the Blood of my Savior Jesus and That One Day I Will Ascend into Heaven and Be Seated at the Right Hand of My Father.
Haley Siwy
Where I Live!
I Live:
In Germantown
In BlackStone Creek
Next to G-Town HighSchool
On Augusta Ct.

I Like
, Red Foxes
and Fennec Foxes
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