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Ready, Set, Go! From Blackboard 9.1 to Sakai CLE 2.9 in les

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Jennifer Tyler

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Ready, Set, Go! From Blackboard 9.1 to Sakai CLE 2.9 in les

Ready, Set, Go!
From Blackboard 9.1 to Sakai CLE 2.9
in less than 6 months

Presenters & Contributors
Presentation Roadmap
When faced with the challenge of rapidly moving from Blackboard 9.1 to Sakai CLE, we had to craft multiple solutions for success

We will review processes taken and lessons learned with the goal of helping other schools going through similar transitions
Institution Introduction
The Challenge
In October 2012, college deans moved recommendation to switch LMS by May 2013 instead of May 2014

Original time frame of 18 months now compressed into 6!
We assumed we would have another year to increase pilot participants and develop more detailed strategies
Less time to review all features of Sakai and develop documentation
Course migration had to begin ASAP
SIS integration had to be functional by beginning of May
Improve system administration process through the upgrade in LDAP and Sakai (this was a positive)
Formal training had to begin ASAP

Course Migration
Recommended creating courses from scratch
Three rounds of migration
- 18 months of courses (Spring 2011 - Summer 2012)
- Fall 2012, Winter 12-13, and J-Term '13
- Spring 2013 courses
- Re-migrated in attempt to collect Bb 9.1 files
Provided instructions about locating migrated content within Sakai
Included options for faculty to download course files from Bb
Hands-on migration support was provided to a select few (27 faculty total)
A Note About Course Migration...
Drop-In Support
Formal Training Sessions
System Administration
Lessons Learned
Thank You!
Contact Us
~ Loyola University Chicago
Instructional Technology and Research Support (ITRS)

Sean Ohlinger
- Technology Coordinator,

Jennifer Tyler
- Online Educational Technologist,

Jack Corliss
- Senior Analyst,

Lauree Garvin
- Senior Educational Technologist,

* Know the migration tools available and the
of the LMS from
which you are migrating...

We migrated both Bb 8 and Bb 9.1 courses
No problems with Bb 8 due to previous processes already developed by the community
Issue with Bb 9.1 with files added using "Add File" method in Bb
- Instructor could download Bb course files
- Expand zip file of Bb archive to locate and upload files
- Longsight host fine-tuned process for archived material
- Archived Bb course as IMSCC and brought material in via
Lessons, Import from CC

Goals of the Pilot:
1) Open source LMS feasible replacement?
2) Supplement proprietary LMS instead of replace?
Formal training began in December of 2012...
- 37% of full-time faculty were trained
- 12% of adjunct and part-time faculty were trained
- 3% of staff were trained through Spring 2013

21 introductory online training sessions via Adobe Connect
12 introductory and advanced in-person training sessions
10 comprehensive full day sessions in collaboration with Longsight
6 specialized departmental training sessions

All the behind the scenes work going on...

Goal was to replicate successful processes from Bb so the switch would be transparent to end users

SIS integration: auto-creation of course shells and auto assignment of students and instructors via SIS data

Course ID as Site ID in Sakai

Able to automate the process with Sakai straight from the beginning thanks to 10 years of experience with Bb

LDAP authentication
We only used 19% of the staffed drop-in time
Of the 19% used, only 12% was used to support the LMS

We were "over-prepared" as faculty only
used one fifth of the drop-in time
Time Used by Time Available
Help Desk Support
LMS ticket volume for the Fall 2013 semester was almost identical to volume from Bb 8 to Bb 9.1 upgrade

Compared LMS ticket numbers from two weeks before Fall term through week after finals

Bb 9.1 Upgrade (n = 1,041) Move to Sakai (n=1,142)
possible for a large university to move to Sakai in a short amount of time,
with a third-party vendor
Have a host initially, or someone there to help establish the system
Start course migration
to allow time for issue fixes and communication to faculty
Faculty and students found Sakai self-explanatory and easier to navigate = simplified training
Determine if course migration is really necessary
- How much will actually be used? -
Approx. only 10% of our
migrated courses were used!

Loyola University Chicago
Private, Jesuit Catholic university in Chicago with 16,000 students across 5 campuses (including Rome, Italy)
The only one of 28 schools in the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities utilizing Sakai CLE as the primary LMS
Sakai instance hosted by Longsight
Former Blackboard school of 10 years
2,229 active courses, 161 online as of Spring 2014
Support staff:
Four full-time employees in ITRS
Pedagogical support from FCIP
Two schools have dedicated staff for instructional design and additional tech support
LMS History at Loyola
eCollege by Pearson > Prometheus (GWU) > Prometheus purchased by Bb > Explored Sakai in
*Did not select Sakai due to lack of hosting, but still followed community
Tasked by CIO and Provost's office in Fall of 2011 to evaluate open source options = cost and flexibility to include non-LUC users were driving factors

Piloted Sakai and Moodle...
1) Mature systems with hosted options
2) In use by similar institutions

Two hosted pilots:

Goal: Run six courses with combined enrollment of approx. 200 students per semester per system
Fall 2011 - seven courses on each system with combined enrollment of 562 students
Spring 2012 - eight courses on Sakai, four in Moodle with combined enrollment of 380
Recommendation: Sakai as a
for proprietary LMS!
Seven-fold increase in drop-in numbers from Fall of 2012 vs. Fall 2013: from 20 to 142 sessions, yet one-third was from adding support at our additional campus
- availability increased 66% from 330 hrs to 548 hrs
- support Mon-Fri, AM and PM, two campuses and online
- additional weekend and evening support prior to Fall '13
By week 5 of the semester, we had accounted for 64% of
all Fall 2013 drop-ins
Our situation was somewhat analogous to our move from Bb 8 to Bb 9.1
- Provided 69 Summer drop-ins and 142 Fall Sakai drop-ins
- Numbers of drop-ins increased by 402% over drop-ins
from Bb 9.1 upgrade in Summer and Fall of 2011
System Configuration

Integrations in Place:
Adobe Connect
iTunes U

LTI Integrations:
Panopto (later)

* LTIs are much easier to integrate!

Final data was required from Blackboard

Collected all metrics to send to Sakai host Longsight so they were able to replicate our environment from previous terms
- Bandwidth
- Users and number of instructors
- Disk space
- Daily login metrics from an 18 month period

No surprises for our host, knew what was needed

Had a backup of Bb archives available of all courses from last 18 months (over 18,000 courses total!)
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