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SXSW - Engagement

No description

zach p

on 2 December 2010

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Transcript of SXSW - Engagement

How is Social Media Changing? How are social networks changing? Social Network ≠ Social Media 129.4 Average number of people in
any individual's offline social network 130 Average number of
friends on Facebook http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/09_20/b4131067611088.htm Facilitating normal, offline communications
in a format that lends convenience and access Temporary Social Networks "We don't know who our influencers are because they change daily"
- David Binkowski, MS&L Worldwide "Engagement strategies can segment audiences by digital behavior and adopt objectives relative to the 1%, 9%, 90% model."
- David Binkowski, MS&L Worldwide "This is not a technology revolution, but rather a revolution of us, enabled by technology"
- David Hinchcliffe Crowdsourcing
do's and don'ts + - Discount Sushi Football Team vs. Strip club Careless Engagement Wasted Neurons No Contextual Reputation #1 Can if foster community? #2 Does it tap collective wisdom? #3 Does it nurture participants? Innovation Using data goes wrong when: when it stops us from taking giant leaps when we start with the data - no the problem when we only focus on the things that are easy to measure Creativity without conversion = 0 Semantic Search Television is the center of a story and social ecosystem "Social media listening is like web analytics in 1998. There are a million tools, none of them are perfect, one day we will wake up and Omniture will exist. For now, anything goes, and it’s going to be a patchwork solution."
- Jaime Punishill, Citi Corp Buzzwords What about
"traditional media?" Policy and Advertising?
Unfortunately, Yes. The FCC, Retargeting,
and You The FCC Enhanced Notice Regime Google lets the data govern how things look and feel. "Data eventually becomes a crutch for every decision, paralyaing the company and preventing them to make intutive decisions." PHAME methodology:
Experiement Quote Gallery "If you lose your culture, you've lost your most competitive asset."
- Mallory Messina, Culture Activites Rep, SWA "Sustainability exists inherently in the organic, adaptive nature of communities."
- Jeffrey Kalmikoff, Director of Design and UX at Digg "Businesses exist within the parameters of community. As a buisness, you don't have a community, you're part of one."
- Jeffrey Kalmikoff, Director of Design and UX at Digg Big ideas have to come from a place of understanding the consumer, once an idea is out there it needs to be optimized. "We are adopting habits of information consumption in perpetual motion and neglecting the need to contemplate."
- Nicholas Carr 1.0 vs. 2.0 There has never been a relationship problem that a baby can solve. Web 2.0 products will not solve your web 1.0 problems.
-Karen McGrane, Bond Art + Science if you pull traffic from social web to your bad web 1.0 site, you're taking people from a dynamic, engaging medium and depositing them in a static dead end. They will leave.
-Brian Solis Math "Cool" Cool is not a differentiator. Looking for something cool is really safe, actually. It does not indicate innovation, it indicates executive creative directors who want to win awards.
- Lane Becker, Get Satisfaction "Hollywood technology is allowed to be cool, because nobody has to actually use it. Just a "cool" UI is not enough to set a product apart. Developing a feature set before a strategy is not any way to develop a product."
-Becker "Innovation is the reduction of complexity.
Innovation reduces friction or drops a barrier in someone's life."
- Joi Ito, Creative Commons "If you don't actually do the thing you do (from a production standpoint) don’t get involved in social media. It will kill you. It will show that you are just a bunch of paper pushers outsourcing the actual “doing” to some other country."
-Douglas Rushkoff "Kill them with process. They want process? Give them process. Give them so much process that they don’t want any more process. 8 AM meeting, noon meeting, 5 PM meetings."
-Jaime Punishill SXSW
2010 "Outsourced call centers, FAQs, and "ticket systems" are all designed with on thing in mind: to tell the customer to screw off in an efficient manner." Things we're doing really well - Mobile
- Augmented Reality
- Dashboards
- Getting it Old Brands, New Tricks Lessons Learned It's never too late to get cool
Know the event
Know the people
Be generous
Be genuine
Get there first and make your competitors seem old by comparison The upside of giving up control Clients can benefit from the creation of g/s in close connection to experiencing users How do you be open in a world that you've always been told you need to be control? Information sharing
Open mic
Crowdsourcing Don't be open just for the sake of openness, you must have goals:

To learn
To dialogue
To support
To innovate
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