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No description

ryan karl

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of bankrupsy

how many people go bankrupt during aeconomic problem? in the united states more than 700,000 people went bankrupt in a year last year because of health care. more than 1,900 people go bankrupt each day. more than 5 bisnesses go bankrupt in one day one of the 20 companies is six flages they have so much debt to fill and they dont have enough money coming in. /mcnsdlnvlsdfn fgdf fgdfgdfgdfg gfdfg fsdfsdfsdgdfgdfgdfbfgbdzsdfgrfgbdfvdfvdfv sdgfgdfgdfgdfgdfgg flafs one of those companies is six flags they have so much debt they cant get out cause they dont have enough money coming in.they havent gone bank rupt yet but they will soon. here is an example. here is an example of how many poeple go bankrupt each hour. every 2:20 seconds a person goes bankrupt and every 60 minutes 33 people go bankrupt!
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