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Mobile Phones

No description

Howard Battersby

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones
Isra Ahmad

Started From The Bottom Now We're Here...
1992 - Today
A landlines telephone is connected by a pair of wires to the telephone network, while a mobile phone, such as a cellular phone, is portable and communicates with the telephone network by radio transmissions.
The First Mobile Phone
On 3rd April 1973, the first mobile phone was invented and the first call was made by Martin Cooper. He was born in Chicago, United States on December 26th 1928.
2013 Phones
iPhone 5c
Samsung Galaxy S4
Sony Xperia
iPhone 5c!
Sony Xperia
Future Phone!
After what you've seen would you prefer to live in the past to how hard peoples lives were without phones or live the future!
The First Telephone Was Invented In 1876...
What do you think the phones will be like in a 100 years...1000 , 10,000 or even a MILLION!
Land Phones!
Smart Phones
Something like the Sony Nextep 2020! Considering the rate at which technology is developing by leaps and bounds, the proposition of having a mini computer strapped to your wrist does not seem to be a distant probability. However, there is one concept design of a wrist band converting into a PC which has completely caught the imagination of the avid gadget aficionado- the Sony Nextep Computer that has been designed by Hiromi Kiriki. Although, this fabulous design is in its concept stage, nevertheless its entire form, idea and features have made it one of the most awaited gadgets to come out nearly seven years from now!
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