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Chad Norsworthy

on 15 June 2016

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Transcript of Trancendentalism

Major Writers of the Transcendentalism Movement
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Henry David Thoreau
Margaret Fuller
William Henry Channing
Emily Dickinson
Walt Whitman
George Ripley
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Founding father of the movement, even though he wanted to stay behind the scenes.
Was a man of deep faith, even though he went through many tragedy's in his personal life
The Movement
New way of understanding truth and knowledge.
Philosophical Movement
Took root in America and turned into a predominatly literary expression.
The grind of ordinary life and society are seen as barriers between self and spirit.
Edgar Allen Poe reffered to them as "frogpondians" and mocked their writing.
Nathaniel Hawthorne was originally associated with the movement, but eventually dropped out because of their Utopian idealism.
by: Chad Norsworthy
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