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Music & Society Assignment 2: Music Technology in Society

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colin swift

on 4 September 2018

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Transcript of Music & Society Assignment 2: Music Technology in Society

Music & Society Assignment 2: Music Technology in Society
The role of music technology
The role that technology has played in the development of music cannot be underestimated. Musicians looking to produce new and interesting ideas have continually exploited new technologies as they emerged throughout the 20th and 21st Century.
Development of technology
Developments in technology have changed the ways in which the consumer engages with music to the point where the question is often raised that does one having a personalised playlist or soundtrack threaten the very fabric of the social and communal consumption of music?
Your brief
Produce an essay

Assess how the development of instrumental and music technology has been exploited by musicians

The way in which the consumer listens to music has evolved.

compare modern Britain to pre-industrial Britain to assess the impact of these developments in technology on our society
What we will cover is sessions to complete the assignment?
Development of technology: recording eg cylinder, tape, multi-track, analogue, digital, home computer; instruments eg electric guitars, PA and amps, microphones, Hammond organ, synthesizer, samplers; format eg cassette, CD, non-physical/virtual formats, internet, changing hardware (mobile phones, MP3 players)
Effects of new technology: vast expansion in music creativity, sampling and remix; do-it-yourself recording; easy-to-use software; impact on recording and broadcast organizations; impact on live music and musicians, affordability; downloading
What will you get out of this assignment?
Know how technology affects music making and consumption in society

Watch the video & take appropriate notes. There will be a short quiz following the video, play close attention to the facts on the right of the screen
Looking at our answers from the quiz, let's discuss how these revolutionary 20th century inventions changed society forever....
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