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The Snocross;By:Damarion

No description

Angela Altazan

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of The Snocross;By:Damarion

What is snocross ?
In Snocross, you will need certain safety gear to be protected during the race and they are: ( helmet, racing suits, gloves, goggles, leather boots, elbow pads, shin guards, neck braces, and upper body protection). The rules have multiple colors and they are, the blue flag means you are going too slow,yellow means slow down, green means go, red means the race has been stopped,black means someone has broken a rule,white means 1 lap left,and checkered means you have won the race.
The Snocross;By:Damarion Gaddis and Cole Johnson
Snocross is a sport in the Winter X Games where riders can go up to speeds of 60 mph and go as high as 130 feet. Snocross is a winter version of motor cross performed with snow mobiles.In 1998 snocross was first featured in the X Games.
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